Pregnant Kerber withdraws from US Open: “Two against one just isn’t a fair competition.”


Tennis players usually show their pregnancy ultrasound pics on social media, or their growing belly, or a loving photo with their partner when they decide to share with the world that a baby is coming soon. Three-time Grand Slam champion Angelique Kerber posted a smiling selfie and used humor to communicate to her fans that she will not play the upcoming US Open, but for a good reason:

I really wanted to play the US Open, but eventually I decided that two against one just isn‘t a fair competition.

The message is accompanied by an angel, a baby bottle, and a heart emoji.

Angelique Kerber of Germany

Nervous and excited at the same time, the WTA star further explained her feelings:

New York has often been a turning point in my career and it feels like this year will be no different in some way! From restarting my career in 2011 to winning the title in 2016 and becoming #1 in the world, the US Open has a special place in my heart and I wish I could have said goodbye to all of you on court before not being around on tour for a while.

The 34-year-old Kerber has always been very private about her life, so the pregnancy news comes as a surprise. However, we’re all happy that Team Angie is expending.



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