Camila Giorgi investigated over fake COVID passport

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During the COVID-19 chaos on the WTA Tour and the world in general, Camila Giorgi presented herself as a pro-vaccine person, but now the word is out that her proof of vaccination could have been a fake one.

Camila Giorgi

A year ago, commenting on mandatory vaccination ahead of the 2022 Australian Open, Giorgi gave an impression of someone who readily got the jab and didn’t really care about what the vaccination status of her fellow players was.

“The vaccine situation in Australia? I am vaccinated and have no problems. Already this year there were many restrictions and I believe that in 2022 this will be more organized,” the 30-year-old Italian said in October last year. “Djokovic? I honestly don’t know what his position is, neither his nor that of the others. The important thing is that I will be there.”

According to the latest news, it could have been that Giorgi was a very good actress in presenting herself as pro-vaccine. The tennis player is now reportedly under investigation by Italian police in Vicenza for allegedly obtaining a counterfeit COVID-19 vaccination certificate. Her case is a part of a wider investigation, as she is among people who obtained their proof of vaccination from an “anti-vax” doctor who wilfully provided multiple fake certificates.

We’ll see what the outcome of this situation will be, but it is possible that Giorgi will be suspended from the sport pending the outcome of the investigation. Moreover, since she entered Australia and the United States with a counterfeit COVID passport, immigration authorities in these countries could take further action against her. (source: Yahoo)



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