Bidi Badu tennis apparel brand faces setback after warehouse break-in


Popular tennis apparel brand Bidi Badu has fallen victim to a recent warehouse break-in, resulting in the theft of numerous collections. The company, known for its vibrant and eye-catching designs, took to social media to inform its loyal customers about the unfortunate incident. Bidi Badu now seeks the support of its community to recover the stolen merchandise and bring those responsible to justice.

bidi badu paris 2023
With its macaroon-colored stripes, Bidi Badu was ready to bring one of the most exciting tennis collections at the upcoming Grand Slam in Paris

Last weekend, Bidi Badu’s warehouse was unlawfully accessed by unknown individuals, leading to the theft of a substantial amount of their inventory. This setback has not only caused inconvenience to the brand but also left tennis enthusiasts disappointed, as a significant portion of their clothes will not be available for some time.


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Taking to social media, Bidi Badu shared the distressing news with their customers and supporters. They expressed their regret for the inconvenience caused and requested the community’s assistance in identifying any suspicious online platforms selling Bidi Badu gear at unusually low prices. By promptly notifying the brand, customers can play a crucial role in helping to track down the stolen merchandise and catch the culprits behind the break-in.

Let’s hope this post on Women’s Tennis Blog serves as a catalyst to spread the word and extend a helping hand to Bidi Badu in their battle to recover from this unfortunate and distressing event.


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