The most awkward presser: Paula Badosa loses at Wimbledon, journalist congratulates her on a win


Paula Badosa‘s post-match press conference at Wimbledon quickly got awkward as an interviewer mistakenly congratulated her on a win, even though she retired from her second-round match against Marta Kostyuk. “For your information, I just lost,” the WTA player had to clarify the situation to the reporter several times.

Paula Badosa

Playing her first tournament since Rome due to back injury, the world No.35 Badosa continues to suffer from back problems. Her Friday’s singles match against Kostyuk at Wimbledon wasn’t completed as the Spaniard was forced to retire while trailing 6-2 1-0 due to the ongoing stress fracture.

The match cut short was not the end of Badosa’s woes. In the press room, the WTA player was faced with top-level discomfort when an uninformed journalist congratulated her on a victory.

“Congrats for your win,” the reporter started the cringe-worthy interview. “I lost,” the perplexed and shocked Badosa responded. The situation only got worse, as the media member had to be corrected several times:

Question: You missed some matches because of injury.

Paula Badosa: Yes.

Question: Could you please tell us about your fitness and confidence level, please. 

Paula Badosa: For your information, I just lost. I didn’t win. So yeah.

The moderator: She didn’t win.

Question: Not win?

Paula Badosa: No.

Unfortunately, Badosa will also not be able to play Wimbledon mixed doubles with her boyfriend Stefanos Tsitsipas.


  1. Journalists should AT LEAST know if the player won or lost his/her match…It’s their job…!!!

  2. This is so lazy….even a quick look at the stats page of the match, to get an overview of what happened?? It’s insulting to the player, and the fans.


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