Tsitsipas envisions forever with Badosa: “She is the right person.”


The relationship between Stefanos Tsitsipas and Paula Badosa has taken the tennis world by storm. The couple sees themselves as soulmates and in a recent interview during the Mallorca Championships the Greek ATP player had a thousand words of praise for his girlfriend.

Stefanos Tsitsipas
Stefanos Tsitsipas

While Badosa’s breakup with Cuban model Juan Betancourt was still a speculation in the rumor category, she and Tsitsipas shocked the tennis world by sharing their intimate photos together on social media, even creating a joint Instagram account Tsitsidosa, where their bio boldly declares them as “Best friends & soulmates. Nothing less; nothing more.” Everything is unfolding so fast!

Speaking to Nacho Albarran of AS during the Mallorca Open, the 24-year-old Tsitsipas didn’t spare words while expressing his admiration for Badosa. He states that this relationship is unlike anything he has ever experienced, emphasizing that it is the best thing that has happened to him. He even calls Badosa “the right person.”

She is the most understanding person I have ever been around. She wants the best for me. I am so lucky that she is in my life… We laugh, we cry, we celebrate, we are more together. I hope we can create dreams, conquer them together. Because that’s something so beautiful… I want this to be a beautiful life with beautiful memories.

Paula Badosa
Paula Badosa

The ATP world No.5 Tsitsipas not only admires Badosa as his beloved partner but also as a tennis player. He recognizes similarities between their game styles, a rare connection that resonates deeply with him:

There are many things that I see her do on the court that I would also do. It’s very rare that there’s a player on the other side of the circuit that I can talk about like that. She inspires me. She makes me love tennis more. 

Tsitsipas is undeniably immersed in deep love. It’s evident that Badosa has awakened his romantic side. The question arises: Will this remarkable connection evolve into a grand love story that (swiftly) leads to marriage or end up as a short and passionate romance?

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