Danka Kovinic opens up about why she’s single


In a recent very honest and moving interview with TV E Montenegro, Danka Kovinic talked openly about her relationship status. Despite receiving numerous compliments from men, the accomplished WTA player from Montenegro expressed frustration about not being approached in real-life situations. She mentioned that while men show courage by sending her messages on Instagram, she finds it surprising that they don’t initiate conversations in person.

Danka Kovinic

Kovinic on the challenge of finding a boyfriend: “I don’t know what’s going on with men”

When asked about her love life, 29-year-old Kovinic didn’t shy away from disclosing her ongoing single status. She explained that the challenge of finding the right person isn’t solely hers:

I talk to my friends… Out of the four of us, only one has a boyfriend. Really, we all have the same problem. It seems like men might have some inhibition, thinking they need to do something exceptional, I don’t know what it is.


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The former WTA world No.46, who is no stranger to cyberbullying, revealed that she replies only to people she personally knows when it comes to messages received on social media:

I get a lot of messages on Instagram. Or when I go out, a day or two later, I’ll receive a message saying ‘I saw you there’… They write things like ‘You look more feminine in person’ or ‘More beautiful, etc.’ But what am I supposed to do? Reply to each and every person on Instagram? I’m not fond of that. I’d rather they approach me in person. But nowadays, that just doesn’t happen at all. I don’t know what’s going on with men.

This accomplished woman explained that men needn’t feel pressured to take her to expensive restaurants. For her, a simple coffee date or sitting on a bench at a park hold just as much enjoyment and meaning.

Danka Kovinic

Balancing personal life and tennis

The interview goes deep into Kovinic’s feelings and fears about her tennis career. She mentions how nowadays she prioritizes certain personal events, like birthdays, over gym sessions or tennis practice, acknowledging that it may be something a professional athlete shouldn’t confess, yet, overall it brings her more satisfaction and benefit, which even translates into improved on-court results.

Danka Kovinic

Dark period: Doubting herself as a tennis player

Seemingly holding tears, Kovinic also mentioned a moment in April 2023 when she told her mother that she was sick of tennis. However, it was not because she didn’t love the sport any longer, but she couldn’t cope with consistent pain caused by injuries and the fact that she was never 100% fit to train or play. It takes an emotional toll when you know you’re capable of more, yet health limitations stand in the way, hindering your full potential.

Danka Kovinic

After her first series of losses, when she didn’t win a match in three months, Kovinic watched herself fall down the WTA rankings and felt a big burden of her family’s investment into her. That was a period when she couldn’t handle being asked about tennis, as tears immediately started falling down her face. She grappled with the uncertainty of what might unfold if she couldn’t regain her winning momentum. The thought of potentially abandoning her tennis career loomed large.

Friendship with Jelena Jankovic

Kovinic’s absolute favorite women’s tennis player remains Jelena Jankovic. Over time, they developed a friendship. Unfortunately, their one scheduled encounter was canceled when Jankovic had to withdraw, leading to Kovinic feeling emotional and shedding tears upon hearing that the match wouldn’t take place.

Her best friends on Tour are Dalila Jakupovic, Kristina Mladenovic, and Bernarda Pera.

2024 season

The last tournament Kovinic played was the 2023 US Open. This will be the first time that she’s celebrating New Year’s Eve with friends in Montenegro, as a back injury is preventing her from playing tournaments in Australia at the start of the 2024 tennis season.


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