Naomi Osaka’s sister lets out family drama, accuses father of abuse


Naomi Osaka’s sister Mari Osaka, who also used to play tennis professionally, seemed to have had a nervous breakdown and dished out all her negative emotions about her father Leonard Francois on Instagram, accusing him of abuse and mistreatment. I hope this is fake news or that her account was hacked!

Naomi Osaka with her father Leonard
Naomi Osaka of Japan during practice with dad Leonard Francois ahead of the 2022 National Bank Open WTA 1000 tennis tournament

According to Sportskeeda, the 27-year-old Mari shared disturbing details about problems in her family, saying that her father has abused her since childhood and harassed her mother. In a now-deleted Instagram post, the former WTA player went to extreme lengths, mentioning her readiness to kill her father, whom she accused of using his physical dominance to subject her to violence. She expressed feeling like “the daughter to the devil” due to these experiences.

Mari Osaka
Mari Osaka reached a career-high WTA singles ranking of No.280. She retired in 2021.

Here’s Mari’s dramatic disclosure that, if true, sheds light on the distressing dynamics within the family:

I want you to know how disappointed and disgusted I am in you, as a father and human being in general. You have failed in every way imaginable. You have abused me since I was young and continue to harass my mother. You continue to emotionally abuse her and trespass into our home when you have your own. I’m making this public knowledge because you are a coward who hides behind his physical ability to beat me down and our refusal to call to cops on you. This is it, I’m really done with you and the next time I see your face I am calling the police. Consider this a threat. The way you have hurt me and our family honestly I won’t regret it if they kill you so yea come back to the house and threaten to beat me up again. I will fight back and I will fight for both of us. I will kill you unless you kill me first by bringing a gun like the coward you are. So go ahead let’s see what type of man you really are even though I’ve already known since birth I’m the daughter to the devil. God help me when he comes again.

If not just malicious fake news, this information gives new perspective on Naomi Osaka’s wish to isolate and focus on her mental health in previous years. The timing of this dramatic situation is exceptionally bad, as Naomi has just started building her comeback from maternity leave and the Australian Open is just around the corner. The four-time Grand Slam champion won her first match in return, against Tamara Korpatsch in the first round of the Brisbane International, before falling to Karolina Pliskova in the second round.

I sincerely hope for clarification and resolution in this situation. Given the seriousness of the allegations and the sensitive nature of the matter, I hope that the truth will come to light, and if there’s any misunderstanding or unauthorized activity on Mari Osaka’s account, it can be addressed appropriately.

Update on January 5: Mari Osaka’s Instagram account has been deleted altogether. The lack of a public denial from her regarding this information adds to the mystery surrounding the situation. The removal of her Instagram account only deepens the intrigue.


  1. Wow, this is really sad to read. Obviously one can only speculate, but it doesn’t seem like a hacked account? It’s too specific in its details. It reminds me a little bit of Peng Shuai’s post- just total despair.
    Even if Mari was to come out and say her account was hacked, I don’t think you could every really know.

  2. Karo, at first, I 100% believed it, then a day later I started doubting it, thinking that her account was hacked or whatever. Another day later, I once again believe it is true, that she let her emotions out and then promptly deleted the post. Mind you, she has since deleted her Instagram altogether, which in my mind only confirms that she changed her mind about going public with this information that is true.


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