Fashion flop: Fans up in arms over On apparel’s bland Swiatek kits

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On Running, best known for their tennis shoes designed by Roger Federer, famously signed Iga Swiatek in April 2023. However, a year into their partnership, fans are expressing disappointment with the apparel provided to the WTA’s top-ranked player.

“Get ready to elevate your game with our cutting-edge tennis gear. Co-created with our athletes, it’s ready for everything – whether you’re breaking a sweat or records,” On wrote on X, alongside photos of Swiatek and American ATP star Ben Shelton.

Fans have expressed frustration with On’s repetitive designs, particularly in the case of Swiatek. Since becoming their ambassador, the Pole has been wearing basic tops and skirts predominantly in black and white, with occasional blue or pink accents, as you can see in this overview of all her 2023 outfits. The designs consistently feature ombre effects or crossed stripes, which many view as lacking variety and innovation.

“Can we get different styles as well. Been seeing the same kit just different colors for almost one year now,” remarked one fan.

Another urged, “Please come with a better design for the clothing. There must be something better than a 2 shades and a line going through.”

The criticism didn’t stop there. One commenter bluntly stated, “Naaaah I’m so sorry but your kit are so ugly… My WTA world number 1, Iga Swiatek, deserves better.”

Another echoed this sentiment, saying, “Sis, Iga Swiatek, find a better apparel next time.”

The perceived lack of unique designs even led to a comparison with the attire of ball kids, as one fan expressed, “Keep those silly graphic designs OFF MY WORLD #1. She’s in her prime but the ballkids have better clothes than her on court.”

Another fan pleaded, “Can you create something nice and unique for world No.1?”

The criticism extended beyond just the designs to the functionality of On’s clothing as well.

“Couldn’t agree more, the kit looks like a 5$ t-shirt when athletes are sweating. You could do better for number 1, I will not buy it but Iga has to wear it and I really feel sorry for her,” one fan remarked.

Another fan expressed concerns about the fabric, saying, “Hopefully you got better fabric because the way those clothes have sweat on the players have looked so bad.”

“There’s no way they co-designed those bland kits. Do better,” another commenter urged.

“Everything looks pretty amateur, from the designs to these pictures. You’re not getting my coins,” a fan concluded.

What’s your take? Share your opinion by voting in the poll below: Should On Running step up their game or do you like their tennis designs?


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