Exploring Iga Swiatek’s apparel shift: A look into her transition from Asics to On in 2023


Iga Swiatek‘s fashion journey took a significant turn when she switched her apparel sponsorship from Asics to On in March. As part of our Fashion Retrospections, let’s have a look at all her outfits in the 2023 season that saw her win six titles, including her third at Roland Garros.

Iga Swiatek at the 2023 United Cup

The 22-year-old Swiatek commenced the season at the United Cup clad in a white Asics tank, notable for its layered back design featuring an opening, paired with a vibrant red skirt. Her footwear at the time was the sky/dive blue colorway of the Asics Gel Resolution 8.

At the Australian Open, Swiatek’s attire exuded a charming blend of pastel hues, primarily showcasing dusk violet and light orange tones. The Polish player sported the Asics Spring Match Short and the Asics Spring Match Graphic Tank.

The four-time major champion introduced the Asics Gel Resolution 9 tennis shoe during her Melbourne appearance. Notably, her footwear featured personalized touches with “Team Swiatek” and “Iga” inscribed on the back.

Iga Swiatek at the 2023 Madrid Open

The top-ranked WTA player revealed her collaboration with On in March. Subsequently, she participated in a photoshoot donning her new apparel in Miami, although a rib injury prevented her from competing in the Miami Open. She made an on-court debut of her new apparel partnership in Stuttgart, ultimately defending the title at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix and winning her second Porsche car.

Iga Swiatek at Stuttgart 2023

Swiatek’s transition to On shoes was a long process, reflecting her dedication to finding the perfect fit that aligned with her specific requirements. During her appearance in Stuttgart, while adorned in her On apparel, she complemented her outfit with her tried-and-true Asics Gel Resolution 9 shoe in white/amethyst.

Iga Swiatek at Rome 2023

The above photo is from Rome, showing Swiatek in Asics footwear, which complements her ensemble consisting of a black long-sleeved On top paired with a matching black skirt.

Iga Swiatek at Montreal

During her appearance at Roland Garros, marking her first Grand Slam tournament with her new clothing sponsor, Swiatek wore a white sleeveless top combined with a tennis skirt. She showcased two distinctive options: one featuring a discreet vertical pink line on one side, while the other option boasted a captivating black ombre effect adorning a side of the outfit.

Swiatek also showcased the opposite, black with white variation of the aforementioned look during her appearances in 2023.

The Pole maintained her preference for separates at Wimbledon, presenting an all-white rendition tailored for the prestigious event held in London.

Iga Swiatek at Wimbledon 2023

An all-black ensemble was also one of Swiatek’s fashion choices in 2023. The below photo is from the Western & Southern Open.

Despite frequently practicing in On tennis shoes and consistently donning them at off-court events, Swiatek maintained her preference for Asics footwear during her actual matches until late into the season.

Iga Swiatek in On tennis shoes

In Tokyo, as you can see below, Swiatek was competing in On tennis shoes.

Iga Swiatek at the Tokyo tournament

At subsequent tournaments, she continued to sport the same On tennis shoes and achieved triumphs in Beijing and Cancun.

Towards the conclusion of the season, Swiatek’s attire maintained the trend of sleeveless tops matched with skirts, showcasing a fade from one colour to another. This latest combination featured a blend of black, blue, and white hues.

What are your impressions of Swiatek’s transition to On apparel? Are you more inclined towards her previous Asics style? As the sole ambassador for On apparel on the WTA Tour, the introduction of variety is commendable. However, it’s worth noting that her outfits appeared somewhat repetitive, mainly differing in colors rather than design, and the color choices lacked innovation.


  1. I personaly prefer Iga’s ON APPAREL outfits. But I agree with you : they’re a bit repetitive. Let’s hope for more innovation and variety next year.

  2. Iga essentially just wore the same thing all year from March onwards. Incredibly dull.
    She looks good, but its nothing to write home about.

  3. So blandd, if she wants to keep it sporty n subtlety of femininity, she should dress up like Li Na or Justine Henin.
    They looked great on court with their SS sleeve n skirt plus with the cap or visor.

  4. ON’s outfits are better than Asics’ BUT totally agree – they are very repetitive. AND – fabrics looks strange, she looks like she’s totally wet all the time, what even if it’s true – wasn’t visible in her ASICS outfits


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