Coco Gauff’s boyfriend was her mom’s student, more details revealed


Coco Gauff has been in a relationship for about a year and in a recent interview with TIME she revealed some new details about her boyfriend.

Coco Gauff

Before mentioning her “first real relationship,” the 20-year-old Gauff shared insights into her journey to becoming a champion, reflecting on her athletic excellence from a young age, her unconventional upbringing on the road, and her early commitment to setting ambitious goals.

Despite keeping many details about her boyfriend private, Gauff occasionally shares glimpses of their relationship. Unlike some WTA players who put their tennis careers on the back seat when in love, Gauff won her first Grand Slam title at the 2023 US Open, crediting her boyfriend for helping her calm nerves the night before the final.

In February of this year, during the Qatar TotalEnergies Open in Doha, Gauff mentioned that she flew back home after the Australian Open and spent a few days with her boyfriend, who hails from Atlanta and prefers to keep a low public profile.

One intriguing detail that Gauff most recently disclosed is that her boyfriend was actually a fourth-grade student of her mother, Candi. What’s more, he’s a nice guy and mom approves! “My mom always said, if they’re bad in school, they’re probably bad as adults,” said Candi, a former track-and-field star at Florida State. “He’s always been a smart, nice kid.”

“To just have someone to talk to who is not involved in tennis at all gives me a fresh perspective,” the world No.3 Gauff said about how she feels now in a long-term relationship.


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