Anna Chakvetadze leaves adidas to join Fila


It seems adidas will be less and less prominent brand in tennis.

There have been rumors that Ana Ivanovic will leave adidas when her contract expires in 2009, while Anna Chakvetadze already switched to Fila signing a deal during the US Open.

The Russian world No.12 will join Svetlana Kuznetsova and Agnes Szavay as Fila’s promoter.

Annoyed by adidas’ boring designs, to say the least, fellow blogger from Down the Line commented: “I’m not even sponsored by adidas and I want to leave.” Hahaha.


  1. Fila make worse designs then Addidas. :S
    Nike i think is the best. I wish Stella Macartney would design for Maria Sharapova or someone like that. Kirilenko doesnt deserve it.

  2. Maria Sharapova would look great in Stella McCartney, that’s for sure. Although, I’m used to her collaborating with Nike. They seem like a great pairing, always bringing something fresh.

    Kirilenko looks fantastic in Stella, it’s just a pity she loses so early into tournaments.

  3. Fila sucks big time, Nike is the best! I am hoping that Anna’s switch will be a good start for her 2009 because she is such an amazing athlete and she is pretty too…


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