Szavay, Cibulkova, Wozniacki promote Sony Ericsson Bluetooth watches


Women’s tennis stars Agnes Szavay, Dominika Cibulkova, and Caroline Wozniacki modeled new Bluetooth watches that can be used to control a mobile phone. The watches were unveiled on Wednesday by Sony Ericsson.

The MBW-200 series is the next step in the development of Bluetooth™ wireless technology.” said Karmen Mandic, Product Business Manager, at Sony Ericsson. “Now women can buy a Bluetooth™ watch that gives them both wireless functionality and an opportunity to express their personal taste. We’re all looking for products that make our lives more convenient. With a glance at your watch you can see who is calling, what the time is and with a push of a button you can change your music or use it as a music remote control when your phone is on the other side of the room– all in one stylish device.”

The MBW-200 series was designed by Fossil and the Bluetooth™ knowhow of Sony Ericsson. You can choose between three different styles: Sparkling Allure, promoted by 19-year-old Dominika Cibulkova, Contemporary Elegance, worn by Danish teenager Caroline Wozniacki, and Evening Classic, modeled by Hungarian Agnes Szavay. (source: On the Baseline)


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