Justine Henin never to play on WTA Tour again, for sure


Justine Henin retired from professional tennis in May, confident she had made the right decision. In July the Belgian said that she wasn’t completely ruling out a comeback, but it was solely because she hates to say never. But practically, the former world No.1 is absolutely against returning to the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour.

No, no competition is over for me. For me, it’s definitely over. When I took my decision I knew it was forever. So I don’t say I will never be back for an exhibition or for another event in the future. But for me (playing) on the Tour? Yeah, it’s in the past and I won’t come back. I made the right decision and I stick to my decision. I will never change my mind about that decision.

Justine officially launched the American branch of her 6th Sense Tennis Academy at Mission Inn Resort and Club just outside of Orlando, Florida on Saturday.


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