Kim Clijsters’ 2010 tournament schedule: quality over quantity


Kim Clijsters quickly made a tremendous success after recently coming back from retirement, but her priorities have stayed the same, and those are of course her daughter Jada and husband Brian Lynch.

The Belgian, who has propelled to No.17 in the rankings after just one month back on the Tour, plans to play 12 tournaments in four continents next season, including all four Grand Slams.

It’s not that I will add extra tournaments to try and become number one or anything. I just hope that I can achieve good results at the tournaments that I play and get more points like that,” said the 26-year-old who used to play 22 to 23 tournaments per year.

The young mother may add three to four events to her 2010 schedule, but she is confident that she can organize her schedule in such a way that would not disrupt her 18-month-old daughter’s routine.


  1. O podría solamente jugar el Us Open y bastarle con eso, esperemos que Justin vuelva con el mismo ímpetu que Kim! (i write in spanish first because my english is only intuitive, and second that´s way you can practice another lenguaje (how you declare yourself “love for tennis and languages”)…sorry if something in the redaction don´t have sense…Saludos!

  2. Ale, please write your comments in English from now on, because of other commentators. Your English is good enough, don’t worry. 😉


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