Maria Sharapova presents her 2010 Australian Open dress


The dress we showed you in November will definitely be the one Maria Sharapova will wear at the 2010 Australian Open.

The two-layer blue dress is the first piece from the Maria Sharapova Collection produced in collaboration with Nike. Seven dresses and a number of tank and skirt combinations will make their debut during 2010.

Other WTA players such as Taiwan’s Kai-Chen Chang, Germany’s Julia Goerges, Russia’s Anastasia Pirovarova, and American Madison Keys will wear the collection throughout the season.

Here’s a nice video of Maria Sharapova showing the dress and explaining everything about it in detail.

Maria Sharapova Tiffany & Co. Paloma Picasso earrings


Accompanying the dress will be the Tiffany & Co. Paloma Picasso gold drop earrings and the Nike shoes pictured below.

Maria Sharapova's Australian Open 2010 Nike shoes


  1. the first time i saw the dress i didn’t like at all but on maria it looks very nice! and the earrings are just beautiful!

  2. LuLinQa, the pleasure is mine. 🙂

    The dress will look wonderful on Maria, and the earrings are also perfect, but the price is just as stunning – $1,050.

  3. I love this dress. When I saw the design a few months ago I wasn’t so sure but the colours are lovely and, as usual Maria looks gorgeous. The earrings are very pretty too, too bad they cost so much! I just hope it will be a lucky dress 🙂 I really like JJ’s dress for the AO aswell, but it’s not as nice as this one.

  4. That dress is UGLY! She looks like she is covered in seaweed…. It would be so much better if that ugly layer of who knows what was not on it!!!

  5. Don’t mind the earrings (love Tiffany’s), still hate the dress (the style and colors). I’m surprised Nike’s allowed other girls on the tour to wear Maria’s outfits, it seems like forever ago when Maria started her own line.

  6. Love the earrings, hate the dress. She is too distracted trying to put on a fashion show to win the big ones anymore.

  7. I think the dress looks ridiculous! It reminds me of the thing from the swamp with the green drape. Earrings are gorgeous though!

  8. Well, one match is all we get to see it for… big loss to Kirilenko!! Unless she wears it for future tournaments

  9. Its a shame she lost! Its a nice dress, and the shoes are cool 😀
    Its a shame we didnt get to see much of it, Maria Kirilenko played well though. Second longest womens tennis match at the australian open. The previous was in 1995, so, longest tennis match the the aussie open for 15 years!!!

    One thing i dont like about the dress, is that i think its abit too long.

  10. I know that people like to talk about player’s outfits but this is too much, presenting what ear rings Divapova is going to wear? Are the ear rings going to give Divapova an advantage over her opponent like pin point accuracy on her serve? Personally don’t like the talk of outfits to this extent, no player gets bonus points if their outfits are pretty. Tennis is a sport not a fashion show. I rather watch excellent tennis than pretty dresses.

    All this talk about what Divapova is going to wear, look at her dress, her shoes, the ear rings, and gets her butt kick in the first round playing horrible tennis, 76 unforced errors! But I guess her dress was pretty.

  11. I think it does come down to the tennis in the end…. just because there is alot of hype about the outfits, I don’t think it detracts from the tennis. When Shara was down in that 3rd set, I doubt she was thinking about her outfit. It always comes down to the tennis, the outfits are just a bit of fun and entertainment. I personally love the outfit talk, think it adds another dimension to the game.

  12. Well good on ya Kirilenko.But this match was sort of like an Australian election ,you didn’t win, the other side lost.
    I expect you’ll be thrashed next round but thats not taking away from Sharapova’s totally unprepared performance at a Grand Slam for christ’s sake.
    Is she too good to lower herself in a lead up tournament.Come on. Stop being the Mystery Girl and get some bloody match fitness.
    Are you going to play tennis or be a model. You work it out girlie and get some stuff sorted out in that head of yours or some more baby Kirilenko’s will just think it’s a great feeling to beat someone who is so up themselves. !
    ( I really do I luv u maria Sharapova, but you need a good kick up the butt!.)

  13. No wonder she lost in the first round! This is the ugliest thing I’ve seen next to the hot pink outfits the ball kids are wearing. Thank goodness that I don’t have to look at it (or hear the grunts) the rest of the tourney!

  14. Ugliest thing she (or anyone else) has worn on a tennis court. Even Maria couldn’t pull that off. Looks like one of those old lady bed jackets over a house dress. Ick.

  15. Hey, iluvlucie (there was a T.V. show with a similar name like yours; I hated that show when I was a little kid and I still do as an adult. I considered it a T.V. classic crap). Some talk about the outfits are fun, but this whole pompous presentation is ridiculous.

    Zoya I agree with you on your Kirilenko’s comment.

  16. Well, that dress is just a total diversion from my idea of a “tennis outfit”, it looks like expensive beach clothing kind of thing. I’m also kind of happy that I won’t have to see this again… Looks like a bad omen to me, hehehe.
    I think you shouldn’t underestimate Kirilenko! She has a good game, power and also some tactics are there so sooner or later we may see her going all the way through.

  17. If it were up to me, Sharapova would be banned from playing professional tennis. There is no need to scream (two reasons – one, for effect, two, to put off her opponent). Sharapova’s serve: walk to back of court and study racquet whilst poor opponent wonders whether she will be serving this century or next, walk to baseline and give us all a little hop, skip and jump, ball bounce a few times, tuck imaginary hair behind both ears, ball bounce some more, then serve into net! Other players arrive on court dressed to play tennis – except her. IT’S NOT A FASHION SHOW! She is unprofessional, unsportsmanlike, vain, arrogant, concited, but then what can you expect from a Russian peasant/


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