Justine Henin dancing and singing on Belgian TV show


Justine Henin has recovered from the right elbow injury sustained at Wimbledon in June and besides warming up for the 2011 season on tennis courts, she’s dancing and singing on TV. The video clip above shows Henin’s performance on a Belgian show Cap 48, which aired on Sunday.

As for scheduled tennis appearances, Henin’s plans for 2011 have not been defined yet, but she will play an exhibition match against Kim Clijsters at the Diamond Games in Antwerp on December 9, 2010, and is also expected to play the Hopman Cup in Australia in January.


  1. Well, she’s good at what she does : tennis.
    I think I saw that outfit on her before. It’s too formal for such a performance.

  2. Too formal for this performance? Could be, but imagine her in something JJ would choose for the occasion? 😀 I wouldn’t like to see that.

  3. Oh my, that would be a disaster. Can you imagine her in some kind of leopard pattern outfit or other crazy stuff JJ wears? People would laugh their heads off.:-P

  4. JJ definitely makes a better show than Justine, but what shouldn’t be combined are JJ’s clothes and Justine Henin. 🙂

  5. Well…she is a brave girl. I guess that it was charity event (I can’t picture Justine dancing and singing on TV just for fun). And she wasn’t that bad 🙂

  6. Some people are cruel and totally ridiculous. Justine does something nice for charity, and all some of you can do is pick her apart. You must lead very shallow lives if you cant think of something more productive to do.


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