New adidas adilibria line for 2011


Purple and green 2011 adidas Adilibria dress

We always use this period without tournaments to review tennis outfits from the season behind us, as well as to give you a glimpse of what top brands are planning for WTA players for the year to come. Thanks to Emily from WTA Tour Insight, I learned about the new adidas adilibria line whose most famous representatives are Ana Ivanovic and Daniela Hantuchova.
Purple and green 2011 adidas Adilibria tankPurple and green 2011 adidas Adilibria skort

We have photos of two outfits from the line: the dress and the tank and skort. You may already know that I am a great fan of purple, and green is also towards the top of the list of my favorite colors, and since the colors are accompanied by nice details and good designs I absolutely love the 2011 adidas adilibria line. I can safely say that currently adilibria is the best women’s tennis fashion has to offer. Their yellow and red dresses, as well as the white and pink dresses (to name just a few), from the 2010 season were also beautiful. What do you think?

The tank and skort pictured above have the white and green version as well.

Additional info: Emily also shared some sketches of what Nike players may wear in 2011.


  1. Like, like, like it! Adidas Adilibria is my absolute favourite, and I just can’t wait to see Ana wearing this dress, it’s so sporty and eletric, and the colours are cool! 😀

  2. Wow *.* …I like it too!! I prefer the tank with the skort, but also the dress is amazing, the beauty of this line is that it’s never boring and at the same time wearable by everybody.

  3. I saw this photo
    I think that Ana and Daniela will look great in that dress. I supose that the thank and skort model will wear the other Adidas Adilibria beauties : Flavia, Andrea, Sorana, Sania etc. I like it too :-). Adidas models are always prepared in two colors – one for AO and the other for RG and the other model – white for Wimbledon and the other color for USO. But despite having only few models per year (two in two colors) Adidas Adilibria is my favorite :-)(besides MS-CH Nike and Alona K Swiss dresses)

  4. Maja J, thanks for sharing the pic of Ana. The dress looks awesome against her hair color.

    Yes, the other color combination is most probably intended for Roland Garros.

    K Swiss has nice designs, I’m planning to feature them in my retrospections this year.

  5. Like a loooot. Ana will look great in the dresses presented! I absolutely can’t wait!!

    Thanks a lot Marija…means a lot!

  6. Well, this will suit Ana 100% and others, like Hantuchova will also look well in it. Adilibria is the best line of sportswear in WTA these days. I like it much more than Nike and others are no real competition anyway, haha 🙂
    I think Caroline should switch back to Adilibria,Stella McCartney’s dresses are totally unispiring in comparison with this collection.

  7. I don’t know how the purple will work out against the blue courts of the Oz Open, but I think the white and green combo will really be a hit. But who knows, Ana, Dani and co. might surprise me by looking ultra awesome in purple in 2011!! 🙂

  8. I think adidas is doing a good job in terms of design. For the past couple of years, the adilibria line is getting more and more sophisticated in terms of design and is giving nike a run for its money. The 2011 designs are really good in terms of color combination and in terms of structure.I think it will really flatter the body of Ana Ivanovic, Daniela Hantuchova and Flavia Pennetta.Can’t wait to see these players wearing these outfits in 2011.

  9. they look kinda pretty! but, i was looking forward to seeing ana in a catsuit. i wish the dress was more, like, a dress, if that makes sense? we haven’t seen ana in anything flowing in a few years, all of her dresses have been figure-hugging.

  10. Bb, you’re welcome. 😉

    Marine, a lot of you seem to agree with me. We can vote for Adilibria as the best line!

    Benjamin, I’ve noticed that outfits that are not in contrast with the court look awesome. The best example was Ana’s red dress against red Roland Garros clay in 2008. I found that fact surprising as well.

    Leo, I agree, Adilibria has been improving, before Nike was better.

    Jacob, I think this kind of dresses suit Ana perfectly.

  11. I agree, they look great! but yeah, i want something more. all well!
    im looking forward to seeing sharapova 🙂 hopefully she’ll go past the first round, more points for world domination!

  12. It looks good, it will really suit Ana, Daniela and Flavia. Adilibria is not my favourite, I much prefer Nike. I think the only person other than Kirilenko who could pull off Stella McCartney is Ivanovic- she would be much better than Wozniacki.

  13. Nike dresses look good on that drawings and the first would probably look good on Serena (it is so Serena style) and the second is so Maria style 🙂 – I like it too.
    I prefer a combination of purple /green rather than red /orange but Ana looked great in her RG 2008 (red) and RG 2010 (orange) dresses.
    I have to post a link (again)- the most googled women tennis players. It is very surprising list (for me):
    [link expired]
    Earlier this year (September) the list of most searched female athletes:
    [link expired]

  14. Maja J, I knew Mirza was extremely popular in India, but I didn’t know she tops Serena in world searches as well!

  15. Maja J, thank you so much for adding this link! I don’t like Justine’s outfit that much, too many colors not so perfectly blended, but Ivanovic’s is absolutely awesome, I love it! Flavia’s is nice too!

  16. I think Ana always has the best outfits, I absolutely LOVE this dress, seeing her in it was amazing, it fits her body perfectly. Nike needs some Adidas women’s designers!


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