Australian Open 2011: adidas outfits for Henin, Pennetta and Ivanovic


Thanks to our regular reader Maja J, we are learning about these sneak previews of adidas’ WTA stars wearing their clothing for the 2011 Australian Open. We’ve already talked about the beautiful purple adilibria outfit Ana Ivanovic will be wearing Down Under, but now we’re having the photo of the outfit on Ana herself (previously I thought it was a dress, but now I hear it’s a skirt and a top), as well as the pictures of Justine Henin and Flavia Pennetta in the designs adidas prepared for them.

Justine Henin's adidas outfit for Australian Open 2011

Justine Henin will be in more colors than usual with her new SS11 Barricade two-piece ensemble, but I have to say I prefer the less is more approach when it comes to Henin and colors. The outfit, consisting of a polo shirt and skort, will be available in two color combinations of “fresh pink”, “intense green” and white.

Ana Ivanovic's adidas dress for 2011 Australian Open

The name of the line Ana Ivanovic will be wearing is adizero. Her outfit for Australian Open 2011 is royal purple with green, while fresh pink and orange color scheme will also be available. Besides the striking colors, the zipper featured in the top is a nice touch, as well as the elastic waistband.

Flavia Pennetta's purple adidas outfit for Australian Open 2011

For Flavia Pennetta adidas opted for a bit more classic design than Ivanovic’s, but color palette stayed the same. Pennetta’s adipure line has the outfit shown above for the Australian Open night matches. During the day Pennetta will wear a white tank top with green and purple stripes and a white skirt with an intense green finish.

This was pure adidas talk. If you haven’t already seen it, check out what Nike has in store for the first Grand Slam of 2011.


  1. It’s good to see that Justine will be wearing the barricade white polo and a green skirt. It’s very classy and suits her well. Ana’s dress is also nice too. But it’s good to know that Flavia will be wearing a different line and the adipure line suits her very well…

  2. Tony, I like it, but Ana’s is still much better.

    Leo, I’m not a fan of the polo and I would prefer the outfit to be in less colors.

    Bb, why? 😛 I like it that she’s still playing.

  3. Justine wears polo or T shirts very often (and it looks good on her) but this time colors don’t match well.
    I like Ana’s (Daniela’s) and Flavia’s outfits and I think that they will look great (as always :-)).

  4. Actually I’m loving the colors on Justine…though I’m not sure if hot pink is her color, but I love that neon green.

    Of course Ana’s got the best outfit, cuz she’s lean and tall.

    Not a fan of Flavia’s dress, the lines on the top look weird. Don’t they know that horizontal lines make women look bigger? I mean Flavia’s lean but not a smart design move Adidas!

  5. I like all of them, but i’m not really sure about Flavia’s top… It’s seems too ordinary, not for sport, but who knows?:)

  6. I’m surprised by Justine’s outfit, she is not the one to wear very colourful pieces. I think it would be even nicer without the pink in it but even in its current design it looks well and it makes her look young. I love Ana’s dress she looks really good. Flavia’s, on the other hand is a bit of a disappointment. The stripes are just too much.


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