Caroline Wozniacki extends partnership with Sony Ericsson to 2013


Denmark’s world number one Caroline Wozniacki began the cooperation with Sony Ericsson in 2007 and now she has renewed her deal, extending the partnership to 2013. This is a great opportunity to remind ourselves of Wozniacki’s old commercials for Sony Ericsson, from 2007 and 2008.

Wozniacki will take part in the Sony Ericsson events, she will wear the official Sony Ericsson WTA logo on her tennis clothes and she will be involved in Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Hot Shots. Of course, her image will be used in advertisements and promotions as well.

You can read Sony Ericssson’s press release here. (photo: Tidalist)


  1. I admire Caro for her achievements, a comment I find it nescessary to send on this Caro hating blog…
    STOP IT – she deserves her place and she is only twenty – wait and see

  2. Go caro, I have to say this is not a Caro-hating blog. People who comment have the right to criticize Caroline, but you must have noticed that a lot of people here also stand by her side and support her.

  3. I think go caro has this impression because of the tone of media coverage in general when it comes to Wozniacki. I see it’s not just me 🙂 (nevermind if it was) who sees the effort to belittle her and her achievements. She is not perfect, her game has also flaws but the same is true in the case of any player. But, I have gained an impression that if Wozniacki does something wrong it’s twice as bad and if she does something right it’s only half as good compared to other players.

  4. go caro, here are lots of people who support Caro. But there’re also a couple of people who don’t like her. It’s the life! Nobody can like everyone. And you have players you don’t like, too, haven’t you?

  5. Yes, that’s true. One cannot be all things to all the people. I also don’t think that all who do not like Caro are some sort of haters. It’s just some who do not really know that much about tennis or her career.

  6. Yeah, exactly marine. Sometimes life isn’t a ponyfarm. Everyone has to come on with people who hasn’t got the same interest or favorites.


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