Ivanovic looking for a stable and committed coach


Ana Ivanovic has changed a number of coaches since she won Roland Garros in 2008 and her results and confidence have suffered greatly. Just one illustration: at the Grand Slam she won three years ago, this year she lost in the first round.

The former No.1 Ivanovic’s biggest problem is to find a coach that suits her, someone who would give her proper guidance and be there for her. She’s kind of looking for the one which is extremely difficult to find and in the meantime she’s watching her tennis results drop, her confidence going away and her career slowly passing by. When you add all the injuries to the picture, the situation is pretty demoralizing.

Last year Ivanovic stopped working with Heinz Gunthardt because he wasn’t able to fully dedicate himself to her. For most of this year, Ivanovic traveled with only a hitting partner, having suddenly parted with coach Antonio van Grichen.

“First I have to find a good one,” the 23-year-old said. “Then, someone who will commit. And someone willing to travel. And someone with whom to get along, because you do spend a lot of time together.”

I’m wishing Ana the best of luck in finding that stability and guidance she desperately needs.

The grass-court season has started and Ivanovic is playing in Birmingham today, against Anna Tatishvili. (source: ESPN, photo: sr_cranks)


  1. I think Ana doesn’t know what she wants. She split with Heinz because he couldn’t completely commit, and then after some time she said she doesn’t need a coach! I mean, girl, get real. She needs a strict and cold head coach, since, although she seems very cute and sweet, Ana is very stubborn and vain, and too emotional. Heinz was perfect, and it’s a shame they’re not working together anymore, he brought her confidence back and calmed her down, and now that all is lost again. :/

  2. I’m wondering who is more in pain: Ana, her fans, women-tennis-blog 😉 Probably all three 🙁

  3. Gregoire hahaha 🙂 Still, I think Ana is the most hurt by the situation, it’s her career at stake, her life. It’s one maze that none of us can predict when Ana will find the exit.

  4. Gregoire, I once found a poem written by a fan who was sick of it all. I think that both the coaches and Ana is a problem. I have read on other forums that Sven Gronfeld, who used to coach her, motivated her to change her game and undermined her confidence in her abilities. Then maybe other coaches tried different things and those did not do the job neither. I think leaving Heinz and Marija Lojanica was a big mistake. She started to improve whilst being with them.
    I think at this point now she really needs to look at her attitude critically and ask herself what were the mistake she has done. Because if from such a promising player she turned into this it probably means something.

  5. Actually, I think she was right to stop working with Lojanica, it was going great last year, but all that fitness maybe made Ana little bit faster, but she lost a lot of strenght which is crucial for her game, she was too thin at the begining of year.:/ The most important thing for her is to relax, she has nothing to loose right now, really, and to gain some confidence. But I guess these things are the hardest to fix.

  6. Mirjana, yes, I think she looked a bit too thin and maybe that is why she was always saying she was concerned about getting injured. I saw pictures of her an Lojanica training together and she twisted and stretched the poor girl to the bone 😛
    Pati, yes I think she needs someone who stands firmly on the ground. She won’t go far with just a hitting partner that’s for sure.

  7. i think the problem is all in the head. i really Ana at first because she was full of promise… big serve and big forehand but after sometime she couldnt handle the pressure well… she’s been experimenting to so many things….. i think she has to reexamine her dedication to the sport. if she really wants to be competitive, she has to love what she does and has to find a way to win matches…. it seems the big forehand which was feared before has lost in space…..

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