Serena and Venus to make return on grass courts


This grass-court season is expected to be marked by Serena Williams’ return to tennis, after her almost a year long absence. The American, who has slipped to No.25 in the rankings from the No.1 where she stood when she last played competitively, plans to participate in the next week’s Aegon International and then Wimbledon, where she will be defending her title.

Serena’s sister Venus, a five-time Wimbledon champion, is also expected to play the grass-court Grand Slam. The last tournament she played was the 2011 Australian Open in January. Her health problem was a hip injury.

Serena was away from the tennis courts because of her injured foot that she had two operations on, and then in February she was hospitalized because of a pulmonary embolism, a blood clot in her lungs.

In a statement released by her agent Serena said: “I am so excited to be healthy enough to compete again […] I’m thankful to my family, friends, and fans for all of their support. Serena’s back!” (source: The New York Times, photos: © Neal Trousdale)


  1. This is great news for tennis, hope Serena can pick up where she left off 🙂

    I hope Wimbledon give both Venus and Serena a more favourable seeding because they are the greatest players of their generations, and thier combined 9 Wimbledon titles 😀

    I am just so happy!

  2. I’m not that excited, cause I don’t like their view of this sport- in todays competition they, especially Serena, could do a lot more. And instead, they basically play only at Slams. I get it, Slams are most important, but to me it really looks bad to other tournaments and especially other players.

  3. They dont just play at slams what are you talking about? They are extremely wise women, playing the best and most nessicary tournaments, so they don’t get injured and keep there positions high in the wta rankings. Venus is 31 years old and hasnt missed a grandslam since 2003, why? because she has wisely looked after her body and made good decisions about her tournament schedule is like. I can garrentee that Caroline woznacki will not be playing at age 31 and even if she is, she wont be in the top end of the rankings, because she plays like 25 tournaments a year…The williams sisters are wise

  4. Oh and that’s why Serena didn’t play the Us, the Australian and the French since last July since you say she only plays the slams? what about Clijsters and her radiation excuses and her determination to skip the clay season ? Lol, keep talking
    Anyway sooooooooooo glad to see Serena, she will give some spice to this otherwise monotone wta

  5. absolutely Glad to see them back, hoping for Clijsters and Sharapova to rekindle their old form and make this wta competitive again.
    wecome back girls

  6. Not a great fan of serena but boy the wta misses her, and lol at the woman complaining about the williamses only playing the slams, i was a big fan of Henin and i realised once you reach a certain age, your body can’t sustain over a long period of time, she’s gone now because of the injuries so yes i don’t blame them for not playing like Wozniacki

  7. I get your point, but I just don’t think their presence on tour will change anything radically. They’re threat at Slams, and at other tournaments the situation will remain pretty much the same.

  8. Mirjana-sorry you don’t like serena and venus.
    They are the best players in the world. They have been really missed in the previous matches.
    You can see all the favorites such as Maria Sharapova-Kim cljister-Carol Wozniacki-Azarenka
    have let womens tennis down. The williams bring excitement to the game-when serena plays you know you are going to see a touch match win or lose-mostly winners.Being an american it seems that most sports writers have been proud of players who are not as good as serena and venus and from others countries. Lets give these two american there justice by backing them-for they are the best in our generation whether you like it or not-by the way I love it-go serena-go venus bring home the wimbledon trophy.

  9. love you Vee and Ree, i’m waiting for you, the wta is full of headcases apart from Masha and Caro

  10. I like to see the sisters back, but why should the seeding rules be changed for their sake? Clijsters could fight back from being a qualification player
    I am sure they can as well

  11. I think it is their opponents that don’t want to see them in the early rounds. Therefore the seeding would help their opponents as well.

  12. Lol melanie what are you talking about? If you read what i said correctly you will see i said VENUS hasn’t missed a slam since 2003 apart from this years French Open…Telling me to “keep talking” is pretty unnecessary as well, don’t bring drama to this website it is pathetic.

    Mirjana i disagree again. They are the most famous female players in the HISTORY of tennis and well generate huge amount of press etc. But at least we can disagree civilly, unlike some…

  13. I really miss Serena and Venus, they bring something to the game that others just can’t. It has been nice to see others try to make it to the top but they had to play so much tennis to do it. Tennis is a tough sport on the body and Serena and Venus are very wise in their decision making.

  14. Funny how, after all the alleged injuries/illnesses, they are suddenly both fit to play again. At the same time. Just as Wimbledon is upon us. Hmm …

  15. Tony, it is strange how they are both ready at the same time! By they skipped RG, so you can’t say they are not ready to skip slams.

  16. If I was a complete cynic, Marija, I’d say they skipped RG because its not their best surface and they weren’t likely to win it.

    Grass however … 😉

  17. Yeah Tony and give me the reason Serena didn’t play Australia and Venus was there hmmmm
    Come on find something, you don’t even realise how your assumptions are baseless, keep trying lol

  18. Reason she didn’t play the AO? It was because she cut her foot on glass in a restaurant. Or didn’t.Depending on what day of the week she was asked.

    Venus? Yeah she was there,don’t quite see your point about that but hey, never mind. Since then she’s been off with a hip problem. Or a stomach injury. Again, it depends on what day of the week you ask her 😉


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