Thirteen-year-old Sharapova talking about her dad


I came across this video of 13-year-old Maria Sharapova talking about the role of her father Yuri in her life and tennis career. Today I admire Sharapova for her eloquence, so it’s funny to see her from the times she was less articulate. 🙂

The interview of the young Sharapova is a perfect addition to our series dedicated to tennis stars when they were little, although Masha has been featured two times so far: in June 2010 when I showed you a bunch of her childhood photos and a few months earlier when I shared a video of a junior final between little Sharapova and Peng Shuai.



  1. she has always been a beautiful girl. who would have thought she would became the most famous female tennis player??? she is amazing!

  2. She was already screaaaaaaming! Hilarious (in a good sense): she was just a kid. I wouldn’t have done better at that age.

    Well, this flash-back also shows the problem of father-daughter relation in the tennis world.


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