Wozniacki and McIlroy relationship founded on his ex-girlfriend’s tears

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When in May 2011 Caroline Wozniacki laughed at her friend’s remark that “boys are like parking lots, all the good ones are taken”, she didn’t even imagine that one taken guy would soon become hers. Probably less than two months after the discouraging quote, the young Danish world No.1 hooked up with a successful young golfer Rory McIlroy and the two are famous for always being eager to show the world their happiness and tell everyone how well they understand each other as fellow top athletes.

However, behind the story of the two high-profile love birds is the broken heart of Rory’s ex-girlfriend of six years – Holly Sweeney. The 21-year-old opened up in an interview for the Irish Sunday Mirror and said how hurtful the unexpected breakup was and how all the publicity of “Wozzilroy” makes it even worse.

It killed me – that’s why I went away to Dubai as soon as we split up, so I didn’t have to look or think about it. But when you’re on a beach with nothing to take your mind off things, it still crops up. So you couldn’t get away from it no matter what you did, it was still all over Twitter as well. So even if I was trying to take my mind off it, it still snuck its way back in.

Holly revealed that Rory’s crush on Caroline started when they watched her tennis match on TV. Holly first thought nothing of it, but when Rory flew to Germany to watch a boxing match he met Caroline there and things started heating up. It was especially devastating to Holly when she read on Caroline’s Twitter that she met Rory and that he was a great guy. In addition, when Rory came home from Germany he rushed to see his dogs, instead of his girlfriend first, and when they sat together he told her that he met Caroline and would like to see how things would go with her.

It was Rory that ran away with Caroline – not the other way around – so I guess I blame Rory, or both of them if I’m totally honest.

I have to put the blame on him for what has happened but obviously I’m not her biggest fan ever.

The founding days of Caroline’s and Rory’s relationship are impure because of the way he treated his girlfriend Holly in order to change his partner, but even worse is that the Wozzilroy relationship is so much in-your-face, I mean, they even made a nickname for their relationship and announced it online. Also, they are publicly giving gifts to each other.


  1. Pathetic article, it’s only her part of the story, but this article proclaim it as the only truth! :0
    Interesting how much money pure little Holly got for this interview? Smart girl, kept it silent for a while but now when she got a new house and a car from Rory, she makes a living selling her heart-wrecking story to tabloids!

  2. IKnowTheTruth, I think that money can’t make a breakup easier and the fact that she was in a six-year relationship and was left for another woman. She got the opportunity to earn money and she used it, why not, but that doesn’t mean she would exchange it for a good love relationship. I’d love to hear Rory’s side.

    Tosin, haha a “multiple breakup survivor” 😛

  3. This article is just pathetic, things people would do for little money and fame. Yes, what Rory did was a little bit harsh and rude, but things like that happen, that’s not an excuse to go out in public with all of it, it’s just lame… I’m not a big fan of Wozilroy, but they do seem in love, and people should just let them go. And how many people must be feeling sorry for the poor girl, i mean, she did went through the horror of going to Dubai and buying a penthouse apartment.

  4. I think what this whole debacle shows is the Caroline Wozniacki lacks class or lacks brains – perhaps even both. In a desperate attempt to shake off her “uncool” tag (which is nothing to be ashamed about), she’s done a series of incredibly stupid, bratty, immature things. (e.g. kangaroo incident at the AO, that silly press interview which she pretty much recited a monologue, the Nadal cramp presser, imitating Serena at the recent exo in Bratislava).

    Honestly, it just reeks of try-hard; and to then shove a relationship into the public sphere by twittering absolutely everything is tacky – especially given the circumstances in which the previous relationship ended.

    I think Wozniacki would be better off keeping her private life private, and if apply whatever spark she wants into her dull, lifeless game.

  5. The athletes are a cite couple. As a multiple break-up-survivor, I’ll just like to say, “chin up, you’ll be alright,” to the upset ex. Breaking up is part of the whole messy game. Sucks, I know, but now you get a chance to meet someone even cooler.

  6. Jeez, Caroline doesn’t owe any loyalty to his ex-girlfriend, although a really smart girl wouldn’t start up with a guy until his current relationship has ended. The real accountability lies with Rory, who was more than a bit of a cad by cheating on his girlfriend. Who knows? Caroline may end up getting treated just as badly.

  7. My respect for Caroline is dropping every day. Her crass humor. Just it’s not funny nor is it cute. Just because she’s #1 in the world doesn’t give her the right to treat people like #2. I’d also respect her tennis more if she wasn’t a pusher and boring as all get out to watch.

  8. Hahah worst celebrity couple ever. I love how they crowned themselves Wozillroy, that should be left for the media to decide! Pretty sad.

    I hope they don’t have kids either, it won’t be pretty.

  9. I think nobody knows exactly what happened and nobody has the right to judge whether either Rory or Caroline has acted the wrong or right. So please mind your own business and leave the judgmental comments.

  10. these are still kids; they are learning about relationships. don’t judge anyone unless you are walking in their shoes!!

  11. I disagree, they’re in the public eye (and have put themselves deliberately there via twitter); they deserve all the scrutiny they put themselves up for. There is a reason why some tennis players actively choose to keep their private lives private – saving themselves from scrutiny.

    Wozniacki and her boy have no one but themselves to blame for being silly and then putting that silliness online.

  12. Surely she must be hurt, but I think his ex is a bit calculative as well. Don’t tell me the money is not an issue if she sells her grief to the media. She still lives in an apartment he gave to her as well. Could just have moved out to her own place, couldn’t she?
    She’s trying to squeeze some money out from this, it’s quite obvious.

  13. You are talking about a 22 year old with a 6 year relationship? You’ve got to be kidding. You reach your 20’s it’s time to branch out and not stay stuck with your high school sweetie. Your whole sense of self and the things you value change during that period. Give yourself the opportunity to meet a like minded person for some real love.

  14. i do have a 6 year relationship too and we split up and believe me it’s not easy to forget all those years. i met him at 17th and it feel like he has been some part of my life.


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