Fashion overview: Agnieszka Rawanska working Lotto in her Top 5 debut season


This has been a breakthrough year for Agnieszka Radwanska, with her Top 5 debut, three WTA titles (Dubai, Miami, Brussels) and her first Grand Slam final at Wimbledon, therefore, this is the perfect time to introduce the Pole in our retrospections of WTA players’ yearly outfits. Actually, only since September 2011 Radwanska has had an official clothing sponsor – Lotto – even though she’s been in the top of the game for years.

The Italian brand has never been on the innovative and versatile side. More or less, all the outfits looked the same, and often were the same, just in different color.

Radwanska, who had even reached No.2 ranking in July, wore exclusively dresses throughout the season and most of them were in one color only. A bit of versatility was introduced in the lead-up to the French Open, with contrasting stripes on the chest.


The above Lotto Summer Inspired Eryn Dress is my favorite Radwanska’s outfit of 2012, both the black and white version of it. Besides the stripe pattern on the chest, the classy item features contrast stitching and pleats on hem.

For the grass and hardcourt season there was the many-times-seen dress design with the curvy seam on the skirt.

The Olympic dress was the most lively Lotto clothing item for Radwanska in 2012. The colors chosen were unrelated to the flag of Poland.

At the season-ending Championships in Istanbul, Radwanska wore two dresses. Once again a nice, but too ordinary, solid coral dress and a dress with a bit more details in the same color range.

Do you like Lotto’s classic approach or would you welcome some versatility and courage in their designs? I would definitely prefer some variety, even though all the dresses are perfectly fine.

Besides Radwanska, WTA faces of Lotto are: Marion Bartoli, Francesca Schiavone, Ekaterina Makarova, Carla Suarez Navarro, Urszula Radwanska, Anastaiya Yakimova, Alberta Brianti, Magdalena Rybarikova and Anna-Lena Groenefeld.

(photos: © Neal Trousdale, Ralf Reinecke, Tidalist, mbevis, Howardw83, jules_firstclasshonours, shinya, MojoTennisPics)


  1. As much as I love Agnieszka, I am not a great fan of Lotto. Not that there is something overly wrong with their clothes, they just seem to be all the same. The colors changes, but the desing stays the same. I liked the most the clay season dresses (both in black and white), and the one from Istambul that you forgot (she actually wore two in Istambul, that’s the other:

    As for her Olympic one I didn’t like and that dress was one of the reason she was critisized a lot in Poland after the Olympics (not to mention that she broke one of the rules of the polish team – she didn’t wore an Eagel symbol on her dress which is mandatory for all members of polish olympic team).

  2. I have to say, I heartily disagree with you. While Lotto’s designs are very simple, their is an elegance and
    feminine quality to the dresses that perfectly compliments Aggie’s natural beauty. I adore the lilac dress she wore to the US Open. The fitted bodice and frilled bottom accentuated her girlish charm. And I loved seeing her and her sister, Ula, in matching outfits.

  3. Maggie, thanks for letting me know. I’ve added the second Istanbul dress.

    Julie, we all have a different taste and we who prefer bolder designs and colors tend to find Lotto too uninspiring, but all the dresses are definitely nice and elegant.

  4. The dresses are nice, but they’re all the same. Basically she wore 1 design on like 80% tornaments. o.O And i don’t get the one she wore at the Olympics, wasn’t it supposed to be red and white?

  5. Mirjana, I did not mean to be rude. I apologize. I truly appreciate that you added Aggie to the fashion retrospective.

  6. I agree with the fact that it has been the same dress for almost the whole season… I guess that Lotto could have done a better job with that.. Especially since (imo) Agnieska is by far their best looking player. The clothes of Schiavone all look like they’re way too big and there’s just something about Bartoli that seems odd, but that’s with her and every brand I guess…

    Combined with Agnieszka, I think Lotto could be better of creating something more feminine and less Asics-like, but I guess that’s just not what Lotto is…


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