Anne Keothavong retires from tennis at age 29

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Twenty-nine-year old Anne Keothavong, former British No.1 and the only British WTA semifinalist from 1992 to 2012, has decided to end her tennis career and pursue the one of a broadcaster for BT Sport.

In 2009 Keothavong became the first British WTA player in 16 years to make the Top 50 in the rankings (her highest position was No.48). Keothavong’s best tournament results include sevent WTA semifinals and one third-round appearance at the US Open.


  1. Slim chances you be reading this blog, Anne, but even so: you belong to the chosen few who’s retirement is a true loss to the spirit of women’s tennis. I, for one, never missed a broadcast of your match, not if I could help it. May you bring up a legion of girls to follow in your graceful footsteps.


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