Win Vinqui silver tennis jewelry! Three prizes!


During the US Open I presented you Vinqui Sports Jewelry, in particular their tennis-themed silver earrings, pendant and bracelet with ruby details. Then I also promised to organize a giveaway, where three of my readers would win gift certificates which would enable them to obtain Vinqui tennis jewelry items for free! That time has finally come! 🙂

The prizes are the following (expressed in British Pounds to avoid confusion because the prizes on Vinqui website are in that currency):

  1. 70 GBP
  2. 40 GBP
  3. 30 GBP


  • Leave a comment in our Women’s Tennis Fans Facebook group saying why you should win this giveaway (try to be witty!) and invite your friends to “like” you comment! Optionally, link back to this page in your comment.


The winners will be the ones whose comments receive the most likes on the Women’s Tennis Fans Facebook page and in the event of a draw I will decide the winner (the more interesting answer will win)! 🙂

If you have some questions, ask me in the comments below or via the contact form.

The contest will be open until October 27th and I will announce the winners shortly afterwards. Good luck! I hope we’ll have a lot of entrants! 🙂


  1. Wohoo, great!

    So, then I re-enter the FB group. I quit the group earlier this year, because there were a couple of members trashing the place. So I thought I’d stick with the blog, Twitter and Pinterest. Hopefully these people are done trashing so it will be fun to be around again 🙂

    Anyways, I have some time to think about my comment..

  2. Hey Marija, is it true that only members of the group can like the various posts? I have invited my friends to like my post, but they can only like my own copy of the post on my wall, but not the original one in your group??

  3. Liz, to the best of my knowledge, the group is as open as it can be. Apparently, in order to like or post in a FB group (any FB group), you have to be a member. However, you yourself can invite your friends to join and approve them yourself as “Any member can add or approve members” in my group.

    I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but I hope it will not be that difficult, they simply join and like and later they can leave the group, no problem.

    There is no option on FB that non-members can post…


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