L’Etoile Sport launches fall 2013 collection


L'Etoile Sport - Fall 2013 Collection

L’Etoile Sport, luxury tennis and golf apparel inspired by chic 1920s, launched their fall 2013 collection just a few days ago, a new line of functional, feminine, and fashionable tenniswear that inspires the athletic fashionista to celebrate feeling good in her body. “Play all day” is the company’s motto and five new looks promise to outfit the contemporary player from morning to night: from early training sessions to breakfast meetings, to parent-teacher conferences to date nights.

A personal interest in finding fashionable activewear is at the root of creative director Yesim Philip’s vision for comfort, functionality and style. Coco Chanel famously stated :

I invented sport suits for me. Not because other women were playing sports, but because I was playing them.

The same is true for Philip, whose background as a professional athlete influences every aspect of her design. Philip says:

The styles I create are for me- I want to look good on the court!

L'Etoile Sport - Fall 2013 Collection 1 L'Etoile Sport - Fall 2013 Collection 2

Philip is dedicated to keeping the tradition of tennis as a fashion-forward sport alive, infusing her line with the glamour of tenniswear past. High on her list of muses is Suzanne Lenglen, who won Olympic gold at Antwerp in a skirt by Patou, thus making tennis dressing a standard for modern women. In honor of the sport’s sartorial history, L’Etoile Sport offers every piece in crisp white, a nod to its preppy past.

This season’s additions are an urban spin on Yesim’s trademark glamour-meets-comfort vision. On-trend details like drop waists, pleated skirts and eyelet are expertly crafted out of Meryl, jersey mesh and jersey lace. A new palette of dark gray, inspired by the streets of Philip’s New York City adds easy-to-wear edginess.

New retailers of the fall line include the Everglades Country Club at Palm Beach, Bonita Bay Club and Isleworth Country Club in Florida, Onwensia club in Chicago, The Vintage Club on Palm Desert, CA. Two private trunk shows are scheduled for November on the West Coast. Online retail is available at letoilesport.com.


  1. cool – you mention the Bonita Bay Club in the article – it is located in my hometown – Bonita Springs, Florida!!

  2. I especially love the skirts with the dropped waist and the contrasted details. The style is very chic indeed, but I also understand that not every piece is wearable for your average woman.. 🙂 but I guess that’s the point with couture, right?!

  3. Liz, I definitely think that the point of couture is not being afraid of experimenting and standing out in the clothes you feel yourself in. L’Etoile sure has elite and unique style and I appreciate it that we have such a brand on the market.


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