Serena’s ass makes her smart and healthy, University Herald reports!


Serena Williams butt

This is hilarious! University Herald illustrated their article about how women with larger than average butts are smarter and more resistant to illnesses with a photo of Serena Williams. Hahahah. The tennis champion apparently welcomed the positive news and made fun about it on Twitter by saying:

Something to think about. #foodforthought …. Why they use my pic? I’m SMART #Genius

Love this! 🙂 (via Beyond the Baseline)




  1. interesting findings, maybe they should visit a Wal-Mart. I think that might blow a hole in the whole study.
    I know plenty of women with small asses that are very smart

  2. P!nky, they’re probably not referring to obese women. All sorts of studies are surfacing every day, just to fill the pages of newspapers.


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