Casey Dellacqua about her same-sex relationship and son Blake


I received several complaints in the past few months about my “WTA Players and their Husbands/Boyfriends” series, how it doesn’t include same-sex couples. Here’s the explanation: I had been sharing current news about relationships of WTA players for a long time and they always happened to include boyfriends/husbands, details about homosexual relationships were not publicized nearly as much and players didn’t talk as much about them on social networks (nothing like Wozzilroy), and when I decided to gather all the articles in one page dedicated to the topic, I called it “WTA Players and their Husbands/Boyfriends”. Now I changed the name of the page to “WTA Players and their Love Partners” and my first addition is the love story of Australian Casey Dellacqua. 

We hadn’t even known that Casey Dellacqua was in a same-sex relationship until she shared with the world in August 2013 that she became a mom three weeks before, to a baby boy called Blake Benjamin.

The 28-year-old Dellacqua said that she didn’t hide her relationship and her friends and family all knew, but the media simply never asked her about it.

It wasn’t something that I didn’t want people to know, it was something that was what it was and no one really asked. You get on with your life.

Casey Dellacqua with her baby

Casey’s partner is Amanda Judd, the birth mother of little son Blake, and she took a maternity leave as Casey wanted to continue to play tennis and have her family with her on the road. Here’s how Casey is juggling being a working mom:

We will use up the creches where they have them at the Grand Slams and the bigger tournaments have them and it all helps the players with families to put the kids in for part of the day. My mum is going to do a little travel, too.

And here’s how it works in practice! 🙂

Casey's son Blake

Dellacqua considers little Blake her lucky charm and at the ongoing Australian Open she’s progressed into the second round by defeating Vera Zvonareva 6-2 6-2. Dellacqua’s next opponent is seed No.18 Kirsten Flipkens.


  1. I love the new inclusive title of this section of your blog. Thank you for changing it! Lovely to read about Casey and Amanda.

  2. Fantastic story about Casey Dellacqua and her beautiful family. Love the change to the ‘Love Partners’ section to be so inclusive!

  3. Love is where we find it
    Beautiful moments are made from this
    Congratulations to you both
    Eternal love always

  4. Stop bending and bowing to please those whiners, Marija! Stick to your guns and remain true to yourself. Who runs your world, woman? And, by the way, it took a man to make that cute little fellow…a man AND a woman, certainly not a woman and a woman. Get over it, complainers!

  5. Too many idiots/hypocrite like Casey Dellacqua in these world these days makes the world a sick place. So you like babies yet you prefer to sleep with your fellow woman.. so whose going to be making the babies for you with their sperm? You are sick and disgusting.

  6. It’s not coincidental that there are men and women and that they are different. This is a general observation and nothing personal against Casey, Amanda or anybody else.


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