Nike releases Serena Williams’ Wimbledon 2014 dress


Serena Williams Wimbledon 2014 dressSerena Williams Wimbledon 2014 dress back

While all our attention is focused on Roland Garros and Paris 2014 claycourt fashion, Serena Williams is enjoying the beaches of Miami and Nike is launching the whites for the upcoming Wimbledon. The brand has already released the dress that the world number one will wear at the grasscourt Grand Slam, and unsurprisingly it is the same style as her French Open dress open back, knit jacquard skirt and waist-defining band. This time the dress is of course predominantly white, the band is black and the skirt features matte silver stripes.

The official name of the item is the Lawn Novelty Knit Dress and it is already available at Tennis Warehouse, while European shoppers can find it at Tennis Warehouse Europe.

Nike London 2014 Group

As we can see, other Nike representatives are also expected to wear the same styles that they have been sporting this spring. We’re yet to see Maria Sharapova’s Wimbledon dress, although the above tank and skort are from her collection – the Nike Women’s London Premier Maria Tank and Nike Women’s London Premier Maria Skort. (source: The Slice)


  1. I am not sure what my thoughts are about these dresses. it’s like they ran out of ink while printing rg dresses :P. i think they should have changed something in the dresses rather than just making same designs in white

  2. The dress that Serena wore was not cut well IMHO and I heard from couple announcer that Wimbledon will be more stricter this year with their all white dress rule they have.

  3. oh noes on Serena’s dress! I think it does her no favours at all. I’m worried she won’t win anything in this style 🙁

  4. I don’t understand all the gray in so many tournaments.. Serena has the skin tone that looks beautiful next to more vibrant colors. Pinks, reds, yellows, etc.

  5. I understand that Wimbledon is more understated, but Serena’s strawberries and cream dress of a few years ago was an inspired choice.Lovely. This most recent dress might look good on her. We’ll have to see. I’d like to see her in something other than gray down the road, though!

  6. We love all of Serena and Venice clothing line the are so smart and talented with their creativety the colors are lively snd they should ferl good becsuse the love good and thetefore playgood we have wstched them dince they stsrted my husband will watch them all day and night he is proud we need dome jachets snd jersey we just love to wstch them play we are watching Serena now


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