Victoria Azarenka’s US Open 2014 Nike outfit + more about Serena’s and Sharapova’s collections


Wimbledon may be the most prestigious tournament, but the US Open steals the top position when it comes to tennis fashion. We have already talked about Nike’s leopard print for Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova’s futuristic tunic, but let’s see what the leading brand created for those favoring a more classic style, perfectly represented by Victoria Azarenka.

Victoria Azarenka's US Open 2014 outfit

Having withdrawn from this week’s Cincinnati due to a right knee injury sustained back in June, at Wimbledon, Vika is expecting to make a healthy return at the US Open and according to Nike’s promo image she will do so in this Nike Women’s Fall Premier Sleeveless Polo, black shorts and Nike Lunar Ballistec Grey/Cobalt shoes.

The polo features racer back and perforated fabric at collar, back, and upper chest. Vika will wear the deep royal blue version, while there is also a similar color-block fuchsia one, and three single-color versions (black, white and fuchsia).

Victoria Azarenka's US Open 2014 collection

While Vika is wearing shorts in the promo image, the presentation of her collection features the graphic Nike Women’s Fall Victory Printed Pleat Skirt, so it is possible that those of you who prefer seeing the Belarusian in shorts will be disappointed.

Let’s now quickly go through Nike’s promo pics of Serena and Maria.

Serena US Open 2014 promo photo

As you certainly know by now, Serena’s day dress will be this pink statement piece officially called the Nike Women’s Fall Serena Dress, which currently sells at the price of $80.

Serena US Open Nike day look

Avoiding a subtle look this time, Serena’s wristbands will also include the pink leopard print.

Serena US Open Nike night look

At night, the five-time US Open champion will wear a black and white version of the dress. The solid black dress you can see in the image above will be worn by Maria Sharapova’s under the lights (I still can’t find the dress available for purchase, but I found a similar tank – Nike Women’s Fall Premier Maria Tank).

Sharapova US Open 2014 promo photo

During the day the Russian will sport her landmark Nike Women’s Fall Maria Day Tunic, currently available for $120.

Sharapova US Open 2014 collection

As for other top brands, check out what EleVen by Venus has prepared for the US Open, the Adidas kit for Ana Ivanovic and the ruffly Adidas by Stella McCartney clothes.

Most of these clothes you can find at Tennis Warehouse, while those of you who are from Europe can find them at Tennis Warehouse Europe.


  1. Maria will look great! Not sure about Serena though, haven’t been loving her outfits as of late

  2. Maria may look great in your opinion, but what matters most is winning the US Open title. By the way, there’s lots of positive talk about Roger Federer and comparing his grand slam total wins to Serena’s. However, please stop dwelling on Serena not winning a major this year (thus far). Did someone forget that Roger hasn’t won one in two years! Serena had an amazing year last year, winning majors and various titles; please talk about that, you commentators. She is the reigning US Open champion and the one to beat. Talk about all the pressure on her…well it’s you guys, certain ones of you anyway, who are putting it on her. Please support your fellow Americans, including Serena, and give credit where credit is due (be fair). She is by far the most decorated female tennis player on the tour, and her competitors don’t even come close to what she has accomplished. As a matter of fact, she and Venus, as old as they are, have the most grand slams of any of the players. Let’s talk about that, American commentators. “Go, Serena! You’re going to win the US Open again this year. You shall keep winning slams and remain the greatest female tennis player of all time!” Believe that!

  3. Michele Vroman, I have forwarded the question to Tennis Warehouse to see if and when they will have it available. I’ll reply to you when I get their reply.

  4. Michele Vroman, I’ve just received a reply from Tennis Warehouse and unfortunately the Lacoste dress is not available for retail sales! Scandalous, but typical of Lacoste.

  5. I agree typical of lacoste. Will lacoste offer it themselves (as they did with the australian open dress that cibulkova wore … Albeit in white)?

  6. Michele Vroman, I’m not sure, I don’t have their contact. But Tennis Warehouse is extremely well equipped and they have practically everything that’s available.


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