Will Serena’s and Caro’s friendship stand the test of time?


Serena and WozniackiIt is a well-known fact that friendships among the WTA players are a slippery territory, but there are always exceptions that prove the rule and in the world of women’s tennis it is the friendship between big stars Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki. As you know, this friendship hasn’t always been this close, the two got inseparable when Caro’s engagement to Rory McIlroy ended in disaster. It’s always like that in life, you lose one thing, but you get another, so there’s no place for desperation! Let’s see what Serena and Caro said about their love for each other in recent interviews.

The world No.1 Williams was asked by Chris Evert for ESPN The Magazine how she manages to develop such a great friendship with Caro, as when Evert and Martina Navratilova occupied the top spots in the rankings there was no place for closeness between them. Serena explained:

I have had a love for Caroline from the day I met her. And then when times were tough for her and for me, we were always there for each other. Then it became texting once and then twice, and now we just text all day, every day. It’s just really fun to get to know someone that you are on tour with and travel with, and that knows what you’re going through, both on the court and off the court.

The eighth-ranked Wozniacki, nine years younger than Serena, also touched the topic in her recent interview for Self:

When Serena heard about the breakup, she kept calling me, but I didn’t pick up. I didn’t even want to look at my phone. Then she texted me: ‘If you do not pick up now, I’m going to fly to you, and if you don’t open your door, I’m going to kick it open and I’m going to see you.’ So, I picked up. I flew straight to Miami, and we had a great time together. She’s an amazing friend and an inspiration to me.

This friendship stood the test of the US Open final (Serena brushed aside Caro 6-3 6-3). Do you think it will also survive the test of time? (photo via Serena’s Twitter)


  1. I think it will last a long time. There are a lot of close friendships in WTA tour. For example: Ana Ivanovic and Sorana Cirstea; Sara Errani and Roberta Vinci. They maybe rivals on court, but they are best friends off the court.

  2. Yes, their friendship will last a lifetime. For every relationship problem concerning WTA players, there must be ten great relationships. All of us know people whom we may not really like, but our close friends are for life. In September, I toured Italy with my best two friends whom I have known since elementary school.

  3. why would you even ask the question? it’s just nonsense and you are engaging in nonsense, esp. in regard to women and women in sport. shame on you.

  4. Serena and Caroline have been close for years. Serena was even to be a bridesmaid in Caroline’s and Rory’s wedding, I believe. Caroline is also friends with Venus, who she met and struck up a friendship with even before meeting Serena.

  5. Hmm, I may have an unpopular opinion here, but I think that Maria Sharapova’s approach to friendships on tour is the most sustainable. 😛

  6. Their relationship sounds pretty creepy to me. Like lesbian love.Much like floyd and 50 cent any relationship that is so intense over a short period of time never ends well. These two will be fireworks when the sparks begin to fly.

  7. Six years later and stronger than ever. There are far more reasons that it will last than there are chances that it won’t. Particularly now that they are both married, Caroline is retiring, and they have six years under their belt. There is “NOTHING” creepy about their relationship as one person commented. They love and admire each other. Equal admiration creates nonjudgemental and that is where they are. Their lives may take them in different directions but at the end of the day, they don’t just like each other they love each other which is clear for anyone that takes the time to observe how they look each other in the eye when they talk. It’s a close sisterly love. Their romantic interest is focused elsewhere.


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