Radwanska’s new dress? Lotto shocks with black lace all over!


This has not been confirmed anywhere yet, but it is unlikely that these are not Lotto‘s new tennis clothes and that Agnieszka Radwanska will not be their prime promoter. Women’s Tennis Blog’s reader Sorciere referred me to the pics and then I found the additional photo of the collection on Tennis Forum.

Lotto - black lace dress frontLotto - black lace dress back

Lace and women’s tennis outfits have never been strangers to each other — what first comes to my mind are Venus Williams’ memorable EleVen lace dresses of a few years ago (have a look at my complete overview of the American’s 2011 outfits, as well as the 2010 ones), while Denise Cronwall is a tennis clothing designer also characteristic for finding inspiration in lace. After years of dull designs, this year Lotto made a major shift in its approach to tennis clothing, as evidenced by Aga’s 2014 outfits, and, as expected, the brand will continue the path of fashion risks in 2015.

Lotto tennis collection - Agnieszka Radwanska

A black dress for the Australian Open is an extremely weird choice, but maybe the Pole will opt for the separates which exist in lighter colors and also feature lace on the back, while she’ll wear the dress at some other tournaments.

What do you think of Lotto’s experiment with lace? I like the surprise factor (the back of the dress is especially shocking) and I like the item’s uniqueness and glamor. Cons are that it looks too much as a night club dress and isn’t really convenient for everyday practice.


  1. Liz, judging by reactions on Twitter, you seem to be in minority. I also like it as a fashion experiment, and in that respect I’m giving it thumbs up, but genuinely not that much.

  2. it’s good and different but i feel it doesn’t look good on blue courts may be french open or uso but def not aus open

  3. Emman Damian, this is not confirmed yet, so there still is a chance that she will wear something else at the AO. Although I believe she will wear something from this collection.

  4. No, I agree that it’s more of a US Open kind of design. But I don’t know, it’s kind of chiq in a way.
    I would have opted for a flowery design for the AO. 🙂

  5. Emman Damian, Merry Christmas to you! Today I’ll make a compilation of my favorite Merry Christmas tweets of WTA players. 😉

  6. Sru, I don’t think she’ll wear that dress at the AO since it is last year’s design, from the Lotto Fall Group. They would have to have something new for the AO. If it turns out that Aga wears this old dress at the AO, then Lotto is not in the tennis fashion game at all.

  7. I agree but i’ve seen few photos online where all of their athletes were posing and i believe makarova was wearing seperates of this dress while urszula was wearing black dress. I believe they recycled this dress with different type of material. Even aga is wearing dresses similar to last years AO dress when she played at hopman cup. Let’s wait and see and hope for the best 🙂

  8. Sru, the Hopman Cup is a different thing, but at the AO open she should introduce something new. I’ve also seen Ula in this black dress, that’s why I think it’s quite certain that Aga will wear it as well. Let’s wait and see, as you said. I’d like her to wear the lace dress, although not the black version, just because it’s the AO.

  9. I think she’ll be wearing this dress for AO
    [link expired]
    They might do big promotions for black dress like last year and she might wear it at rome and french open, I think that’s why they removed it from all the websites

  10. hehe she didn’t exactly wear the dress i thought she would but still… i think they will launch this dress at rome


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