Lucky in Love – tennis apparel brand impresses with variety and beauty of designs


Even though I’ve been partnered with Tennis Warehouse for quite some time, I usually just visit their website for a quick check of possible new launches of top brands. Now that it’s off-season, I’ve had some extra time to explore their full offer and I was impressed when I discovered the brand called Lucky in Love. They have such a wide array of cuts and prints, plus they are not short of simple solids either! They have something for virtually anyone, as currently there are about 150 clothing items on display and available for purchase, which include so many colors, countless prints, and all types of tops and bottoms. I can totally see a top player standing out in these clothes.

Top and skirts - Lucky in Love

What first attracted my attention was this Lucky in Love Tropical Long-Sleeve Crop Top, featuring a print that combines navy stripes, tennis grasscourts and flowers in a wonderful mix. I find it unique and exotic and can definitely see it on a WTA player, like Jelena Jankovic or Maria Sharapova, for example. There’s a matching Lucky in Love Tropical Flounce Skirt, including a mesh panel at waist, while you can go for an ever better pair, with the navy and chartreuse Lucky in Love Tropical Scallop Skirt that has a layered hem with color-blocking mesh panels.

Lucky in Love tanks

There are numerous tanks to combine with the skirts (double racer, high-neck, V-neck, and more), as well as cute cap-sleeve and long-sleeve tops. This was the Lucky in Love Tropical Punch Group, while my second favorite is this Mayan-inspired collection.

Lucky in Love - blue tankLucky in Love - mayan cami tank

There are so many styles and cuts you can choose from, but I’ve singled out my favorite combos: the Lucky in Love Core V-Neck Tank – Ocean paired with the Mayan Tall Border Skirt and the Lucky in Love Mayan Cami Tank to go with the white Core Pleat Layer Skirt.

Olive-based collection called the Lucky in Love Geo Camo Group is also nice, as well as the pink lace group of clothes.

To illustrate how many prints this brand has available, have a look at just a selection of their skirts! But what I like the most is that it’s not all about busy prints, you can perfectly combine them with solid pieces and if you don’t like prints at all, Lucky in Love has made sure not to leave you unsatisfied either!

Lucky in Love - skirts Lucky in Love - skirts1

Would you also like to see a WTA star in these clothes?


  1. Marija-
    We have very different tastes. I like most of the skirts, but I wouldn’t be caught dead in the tops.

  2. Jean Kirshenbaum, you don’t even like white Mayan tank? I think there’s nothing not to like about it. I can understand that the prints don’t please everyone’s taste, but if you followed any of the links you would’ve seen many more simple pieces and I believe that there is something for everyone.

    Emman Damian, the outfit you’re referring to is again something I see fit for all players, and I find the design simple, but not boring.


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