More WTA babies on the way: Mauresmo and Dulko pregnant


While the WTA is experiencing a surge of moms returning to competitive tennis, with Tatjana Maria, Kateryina Bondarenko and Evgeniya Rodina, some retired tennis stars are getting pregnant, not even contemplating a comeback. The latest additions to the list of WTA players with a baby bump are Amelie Mauresmo and Gisela Dulko.

Mauresmo pregnancy

The 35-year-old Mauresmo, who came out as gay in 1999, happily announced that her first child will join us in August. Mauresmo retired in 2009, but has not left the tennis world, captaining the French Fed Cup team and helping coach Andy Murray. A month ago she was elected to the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

Gisela Dulko and Fernando Gago
Gisela with her husband Fernando (left), their son Mateo (right)


In other baby news, 30-year-old Gisela Dulko is expecting her second child, a little girl. Dulko married footballer Fernando Gago in July 2011 and in June 2013 gave birth to son Mateo. A year ago, Dulko tattooed her son’s name on her wrist, while in the photo above we can see that her husband has done the same. The former No.1 doubles player Dulko, who had left the sport at the age of 27, shared the wonderful news on Twitter, while wishing her husband a happy birthday:

En unas horas cumple años el amor de mi vida, padre de mi hijo y de la princesa que viene en camino. TE AMO!!! @fernandogagome


  1. A baby is a nice birthday present to a husband. Gisela did that to Fernando’s birthday. I miss her playing doubles with Flavia. They were such a great team.

  2. Jacob Appleton, why not? I think that’s vital information in this case, for the understanding of the situation. In Dulko’s case I wrote the full name of her husband, while in Amelie’s I explained that she’s gay, implying the information about the father of her child. And if we’re going towards equality of gay and straight people, why conceal that someone is gay?

  3. Didn’t Casey Dellacqua’s partner (they are gay) have a baby. I wonder who the partner’s father is? (donated sperm I assume). Of course the big baby delivery I am interested in is Li Na and her husband Jiang Shan (they are straight). Marija, I want to see those baby pictures as soon as they are available! Methinks she is due in August, as well.


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