How joining a tennis ladder improves your game

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person-woman-sport-ballWant to improve your tennis skills, but have difficulty finding opponents to practice with? can help you find a tennis pal and improve your game. Female players are especially invited to join, as seven out of ten current users of the service are male.

Playing competitively helps to hone your skills while identifying areas of improvement that you wouldn’t otherwise see and this is where tennis ladders come in. Tennis ladders are a great way to find potential match opponents, as well as socialize and network. In a tennis ladder, all players start at the bottom of a ladder and challenge players above them to move up. Points are awarded to each player based on the results of each match.

If you belong to a club, community or school with an active tennis culture, finding an established ladder is not a problem. If these groups are not within reach for you or you are on the road, searching for a ladder can be an issue. Fortunately, we have the Internet to thank for creating ladder sites accessible to anyone who loves to play and wants to improve their game.

A site like gives you the opportunity to find ladders in your location and look up players who you could challenge to a match. has 1,500 active users in 10 countries including the US, the UK and Australia. If there is no tennis ladder in your area, will happily form one for free for groups of up to 10 players.

Several women’s tennis ladders have been using TennisLadders to organize and record their matches. These include the Phoenix Women’s Tennis Ladder, Fort Lauderdale Women’s Tennis Ladder, Santa Monica Women’s Tennis Ladder, Santa Barbara Women’s Tennis Ladder, Seattle Women’s Tennis Ladder and over 20 other groups. is free to join. Paid memberships do offer the following benefits:

Full access to all contact information. No more scrolling through your inbox to find email addresses and phone numbers for ladder members. And if you want to play on other ladders, having the entire TennisLadders database available to you is ultra-convenient.

Ability to submit scores. Only paying members can submit scores which are shown on the site. If you won your match, shouldn’t your achievement be up there for the entire world to see?

Find Me A Match benefit. will work to set you up with a match behind the scenes and contact you when we find your next matchup.

Added bonus. Paid memberships include a free tournament credit worth $25.

If you are serious about improving your game and want to find more individuals to play with, is a good place to start. Need more details? Founder Paul Ferguson would be more than happy to answer any questions.


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