Tennis fashion: Black and white for Sharapova’s US Open fight


With only two basic colors, Nike and Maria Sharapova created this super stylish Nike Fall Premier Maria Dress that is set to take up one of the top fashion spots at the 2015 US Open. Designers usually try to stand out with unique prints or attention-grabbing colors, with Lotto being the most extreme example, but this dress effortlessly shows how just the simple playing with black and white and certain textural details can produce a fashion-forward piece perfect even for the most demanding Grand Slam when it comes to style.

Maria Sharapova's Nike dress for the 2015 US Open

The base of the dress is white, while the black blocks at chest, sides, back and hem are equipped with perforations for ventilation. The cut is quite standard, featuring racerback.

Just like Serena Williams’ US Open dress, Sharapova’s is made with stretchy, Dri-FIT fabric, while unlike Serena’s, this one does have a built-in bra. Now at the moment the new Nike tennis clothes have just been released, Sharapova’s dress is $50 more expensive than Serena’s.

Let me also mention that Jelena Jankovic will be in black and white as well, but her dress from Fila’s Platinum collection is much less attractive and cannot challenge the five-time Grand Slam champion’s new outfit.

Nike tennis players - US Open outfits

The world No.3 Sharapova debuted her new kit at Nike’s promo event in New York featuring the brand’s ambassadors, including the Russian’s ex, Grigor Dimitrov.



  1. In my opinion, JJ’s Fila dress is actually more interesting, and constructed better as well. Look at how it’s made, especially in the back [link expired]

    This dress is nice, but I wish nike would try a new tank top strap or silhouette for the top of Maria’s dresses for once, especially given how expensive her line is. I feel more inclined to buy last year’s dress, it had more interesting details and the tank silhouette is the same, but it’s not as expensive as this one is now.

  2. I love how sharapova shared this pic where grigor is staring at her while last few days both have been trying too hard to say they are so over each other by posting tons of pics in their instagram 😛 . I also like jj’s and maria’s dress equally details for jj’s dress may be simple but still very good looking

  3. Sabey, I find it extraordinary in its simplicity and I really like it that they used just black and white in such a good way.

    Ga, JJ’s dress is also nice, but I prefer Maria’s this time. I especially like the perforations which are both useful and cute design details. JJ’s dress is very well constructed as you say and it wonderfully follows the body shape in the back. I agree, Maria’s dress is currently very expensive. It’s $40 more expensive than JJ’s.

    Sru, that’s the bad part of having a boyfriend as a colleague. They’re still seeing each other all the time.

  4. I know I’m almost 6 years late, but was this supposed to be her day or night dress? Any info on her other dress (day/night)?
    Or any assumption?


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