Caroline Wozniacki’s outfit for the 2015 US Open


The 2013 was the season of color-blocks in Caroline Wozniacki‘s fashion, the most memorable, although not the prettiest piece being her US Open dress, and the Dane’s designer Stella McCartney seems to be bringing back the contrasts of color-blocks for the boldest tennis fashion stage. Let me stay reserved on this one, as I have no official confirmation that this will actually be Caro’s US Open outfit, but when I look at the newly-released Adidas Fall Stella McCartney 2015 Collection, I’m pretty sure that this dress will be Caro’s clothing item of choice.

adidas Women's Fall Stella New York Dress - Caroline Wozniackiadidas Women's Fall Stella New York Dress - back - Caroline Wozniacki

This time the range of colors is neutral, within the earth palette. The colors are officially called urban sky, white vapor and light pink. Similar to tanks from the Wimbledon collection, there is a zipper, just that here the zipper is in the back. As always, the dress comes with matching compression short. The dress is already available at retail in US Tennis Warehouse, as well as European Tennis Warehouse.

The reason I am staying reserved on whether this actually is Caro’s New York dress is because Adidas Women tweeted this photo two day ago, saying:

JUST IN: The @adidas by @StellaMcCartney US Open Series pieces as worn by @CaroWozniacki . #aSMC #barricade

US Open Series - Adidas - Caroline Wozniacki

So, according to Adidas, Caro will actually wear separates during the US Open Series: the yellow Adidas Fall Stella McCartney Tank with textured zones at straps, chest and tummy, and the ice grey Adidas Fall Stella McCartney Skirt characterized by laser cut open mesh.

The Adidas Stella Barricade 2015 shoes combine ice grey, navy, amber yellow and white. The full mesh knit provides breathability, while the outsole comes with a six-month guarantee.

I’m quite perplexed since Caro has never worn separates at Grand Slams and if she won’t be the one wearing the dress, then who will. The separates are super cute, but I’d love her to stick to tradition and wear a dress. The new shoes are a nice match with the dress as well. What do you think?

UPDATE: Now it’s been confirmed that Caro will wear the dress at the US Open.


  1. Maybe it’ll be like last year where Caro wore her Wimbledon dress or the shorts for the lead up tournaments, and then debut the new dress for the grand slam? As for the dress, I like the colors, but I wonder if it would get hot with the high neck and lack of cutout in the back. The outfits earlier in the season stayed cool thanks to the keyholes in the back!

  2. When talking about tennis outfit, I found video where you can see the greatest outfit shows of sister Williams. Pure gold. On the other hand , who cares what are their wearing when their closets are full of trophies! Venus and Serena’s Top 10 Outrageous Outfits:

  3. Interesting. Tennis is no longer only about the sport but the visual feedback is much much more important these days

  4. Tennis Island, definitely. There are more and more aspects to the game and fashion is not definitely an important part of the whole experience.

    Ga, that’s what I thought as well, that she would wear the separates in the USO lead-up period and then the dress at the US Open, but the tweet got me confused. And about breathability, you may be right. There is a tank similar to this dress and it actually can a big cutout in lower back.

    Daniel, good video! Although I like Serena’s suit that they’re showing in the beginning. And also some other styles, maybe they are not that pretty, but are definitely memorable and outstanding. But for some I totally agree are outrageous, like Venus’ ill-fitting jumpsuit from one of recent Wimbledons.

  5. I love the separates for the US Open Series. I think it will look great on Caro. As for the US Open dress, I’m not so sure with color. They should have used bold bright colors for the US Open.

  6. Maybe it’s just me but this dress reminds me of those large white t-shirts people wear that have a graphic of a sexy body on then? In the front, the black area looks like a slinky cocktail dress. A little strange.

  7. I love this dress! And overall Stella McCartney has had a fabulous year. Her Wimbledon dress was amazing, as well as her australian open outfit. This dress, when seen on the models looks stunning. It will be interesting to see if nike decide to promote their collections for Serena and maria. It would be extremely disappointing if they did not come up with something special for serena’s big tournament. Do you know when the other brands will release information about their
    Us open collections?

  8. Saudin, I agree. That’s why I’m confident that Caro will wear the dress. BTW, I’m about to receive official information from Fila about what their athletes will wear at the USO, so expect a post on that topic soon.

  9. On her Instagram caroline just said that she can’t wait to wear the new Stella McCartney Collection during the us open series. Does that include the us open itself?

  10. Roberto, yes it does, but it doesn’t mean that she won’t wear the dress at the USO. At least I think so.

  11. Amandine, Garbine is still ranked lower than Caro. Plus, Caro’s former No.1 status still makes her Stella’s top representative.

  12. She posted a photo of the separates outfit on her instagram account saying she’ll be wearing the separates during the US Open Series (she didn’t say the US Open)…. but I also ran into a photo of the photoshoot of her wearing the dress… My guess is she’ll wear the separates during the warm-up tournaments and the dress in New York….


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