VIDEO: Tribute to Ana Ivanovic’s 15 career titles


After doing a video overview of Serena Williams’ craziest tennis fashion moments, I decided to make a video tribute to Ana Ivanovic‘s 15 career titles, including match points in the finals and trophy photos. The 2008 Roland Garros champ and former world No.1 quit tennis in December 2016, focusing her energy on love life with her husband Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Enjoy my video/image collage and subscribe to my new channel!

My video editing skills are still not advanced and I’ve had some major issues with my software which keeps crashing for unexplained reasons, so I even had to hire a person to finish the video for me, but I’m improving and I’m sure that every new video will be better than the previous one.

This video is especially dedicated to our reader Emman Damian, the biggest Ana Ivanovic fan at Women’s Tennis Blog.


  1. Emman Damian, oh my, the person that finished the video for me exchanged them accidentally. It’s too late to edit now, as I didn’t notice the mistake on time 🙁

  2. Thank you Marija for dedicating this video to me! I really appreciate it. I think I am the biggest Ana fan here in WTB. She’s really my inspiration and role model.

    PS: Overall, the video is very nice. You have interchanged Montreal and Canberra pictures. I hope you can edit it. Thank you so much!

    I’ll look forward for more videos this year. congratulations on the new channel!

  3. Emman Damian, I’ll manage to get it fixed, but I’ll have to reupload it to YT. Tomorrow it will be all sorted out 🙂

  4. Thank you! Great job Marija! We are looking forward for more videos this year. It’s a tough task to do such videos. I hope to make one too someday and put it in my blog.

  5. Emman Damian, we’ve fixed the error! 🙂 Enjoy! Yeah, videos are way harder than it seems, very time-consuming.

  6. Emman Damian, since I use Ubuntu operating system, I first used Shotcut, but it kept crashing and I couldn’t finish my video, then I used Kdenlive, which was better, but in the end it wouldn’t render, so I couldn’t finish my video again! Eventually, I had to hire a person to make the video according to my instructions. 🙁 I’ll see if next time I’ll be luckier.


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