Serena Williams’ craziest tennis fashion moments

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Inspired by Serena Williamshistoric 23rd Grand Slam title at the 2017 Australian Open, I decided to make a video featuring the legend’s most epic on-court looks. As much as she’s the queen of tennis, she’s also the sport’s fashion icon and in this video I included only Serena’s most memorable dresses, chronologically starting from the 2002 Australian Open.

Browsing through Serena’s fashion history, my impression is that the most fashion-forward periods were the ones between 2002 and 2004 and then from 2014 onwards. Yes, Serena is currently rocking the tennis fashion scene and her Australian Open 2017 Nike dress straightforwardly got its place in my video!

What’s your favorite Serena Williams’ fashion moment? Mine is the pleated jeans skirt + black boots from the 2004 US Open!


  1. I actually like her 2013 Miami dress. I think it’s fresh and it suits her complexion. Also, I love the color combinations. I also like the 2013 RG dress. I think she rocked it.

  2. The pink and yellow combo is my all-time favorite. I also like the one she wore during this year’s Aussie Open. The pink leopard outfit wasn’t so bad, so I’ll give it third place. “Again, congrats Serena, living legend, the GOAT! You’re a special gift to this crazy world in which we live and a blessing to watch in action on the tennis court. Back at #1, right where you rightfully belong. Keep up the great work!”

  3. The Puma catsuit at the US Open was the most insane outfit ever. It was the only time I was left speechless and wondered if it was appropriate to wear such a thing in prime time.


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