Simona Halep goes from Adidas via sponsorless to Nike?


Simona Halep had a rather rough start to the 2018 season when it comes to apparel sponsorship, as despite being a world No.1 WTA player, she had to play her first tournament in the new year in no-name gear, since her contract with Adidas expired on January 1st and a new clothing deal hadn’t been signed yet. According to Romanian media, the situation is finally resolved and the tennis star is about to land a four-year contract with Nike!

No logos on Simona’s outfit in Shenzhen this January

After winning the 2018 Shenzhen Open without logos on her outfit, Halep has reportedly negotiated an agreement with Nike, as the company is giving her $1.7 million a year, $700,000 more than Adidas.

Simona’s last Adidas outfit: the US Series Tank and Skirt at the 2017 WTA Finals in Singapore

Even though I would’ve preferred Simona in Lacoste or some other less exploited brand, I will be glad to see her in sponsored apparel at the upcoming Australian Open. If it’s true that Simona will wear the Swoosh from now on, we can suppose that in Melbourne we’ll see her in separates that are now promoted by Elina Svitolina, i.e. the Spring Zonal Cooling Top and Spring Ace Shorts.


  1. I agree, perhaps her racket sponsors Wilson shouldve pulled some string to get her contract with the Wilson clothing line…that wouldve been an awesome head to toe racket outfits from wilson…

  2. Adidas are IDIOTS to not negotiate a mutually agreeable sponsorship deal. They are obviously tightfisted. The NO. ! Player IN THE WORLD. Good on you Nike.


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