Marion Bartoli gives up on comeback idea


Posting a series of tweets illustrated by a black rose, Marion Bartoli regretfully announced that her comeback will not happen after all.

The Frenchwoman, who retired in 2013, shortly after winning her sole Grand Slam title at Wimbledon, explains that her right shoulder is again causing her pain, as she’s been increasing the level of training in order to be ready for professional competition. Therefore, the 33-year-old’s body will not be able sustain the strain of playing on the WTA tour, so she’s forced to abandon the idea of making a comeback.

Since quitting tennis, Bartoli went through a nightmare period reflected in her losing almost half her bodyweight, but now that’s she’s recovered from the life-threatening health problem, she’s faced with the obstacle of not being strong enough for making a comeback she announced in December last year. The former world No.7 did play the Tiebreak Tens exhibition in March, but her planned Miami Open comeback didn’t happen and even later she wasn’t ready to resume her tennis career.

The good thing is that Marion hasn’t disappeared from the tennis world. She’s a regular at the French Open, interviewing players on the court after their matches. Here we can see Marion this year in Paris, talking to eventual women’s singles runner-up Sloane Stephens.

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