Alla Kudryavtseva ties the knot in Denmark


Russian WTA player Alla Kudryavtseva took to Instagram to announce that she’s now officially a married woman. Congratulations, Alla! I’m glad to add you to my WTA Players and their Love Partners page.

Alla opened the new chapter by saying:

Goodbye single life! You were fun, but I won’t miss you! #byefelicia

Judging by the location marker on Instagram, Alla tied the knot in Ærøskøbing, Denmark. The marriage took place in late July.

Reading through the comments below photos, I learned that Alla’s husband is called Dan and that he is an American.

Alla mentioned her then-fiancé several times in a relatively recent interview for her clothing sponsor InPhorm. The Russian winner of one singles and nine doubles titles stated that her fondest tennis memory was teaching her fiancé how to play tennis. It’s interesting how she first mentioned that memory and later added all her WTA accomplishments.

The 30-year-old had one more funny quote concerning her then-soon-to-be husband in that interview. After talking about the comfort and variety of her InPhorm outfits, Alla said:

I love InPhorm and have never been happier with a partnership (well…maybe with my fiancé).

Congratulations to the lovely couple! I’m wishing you a long life together, full of love and happiness.



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