Maria Sharapova launches Nike LA Cortez 2.0 sneakers, takes odd clothing combinations to new heights


For the event celebrating her second reworking of Nike’s iconic LA Cortez sneakers at Bandier’s pop-up in Soho, Maria Sharapova got our eyes peeled to her choice of outfit which can be described as edgy sporty elegance.

To present the Cortez 2.0 shoes, whose caramel color was inspired by autumn in New York City, Sharapova decided to combine the footwear with an elegant brown plaid suit and a Nike sports bra! To finish the daring look, the Russian accessorized with large hoops. What do you say, how did Masha pull off this strange combo?

This suit+sneakers look is actually what the Grand Slam champion suggests as one of her top choices for incorporating LA Cortez into your wardrobe.

I love wearing them with relaxed-cut suits or an elegant slip dress with a blazer for evening. […] (Also with) an oversized trench coat.

Moreover, the tennis ace appreciates that this sneaker design can complement a wide variety of styles:

I like footwear that takes me day to night no matter what the rest of my outfit is.

Sharapova also said that she grew up wearing the Cortez as a teenager, so she considers somewhat surreal that she got the opportunity to design her second pair this season. Remember, in March, Sharapova launched pale pink Cortez sneakers with gold accents. (quotes via Vogue, photos via Nike)



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