Women love playing tennis with biodegradable EcoGrip®


This is a guest post by Women’s Tennis Blog’s long-time partner and very first sponsor, Own the Zone, known for their Eco-Grip, world’s first biodegradable overgrip, and their OTZ band dampener, recognized as the best dampener on the market for tennis rackets. Both products are used by players on the WTA Tour.

EcoGrip from Own the Zone Sporting Goods (OTZ) is a high-performance, biodegradable overgrip used by top tennis pros, coaches and amateur players around the world.

Annie Rockwell, a renowned tennis pro, coach and member of the Nevada Tennis Hall of Fame, has been playing with Hi-Tac EcoGrip for more than 4 years. “I play with Hi-Tac EcoGrip and recommend it to all my students who attend my tennis clinics in Las Vegas and Temecula, California.” said Annie. “Once you switch to EcoGrip, you can’t go back to your old grip, the feel is just so much better. EcoGrip is simply the best.

WTA tennis star CiCi Bellis, 19, won’t argue with that assessment. During the spring and summer of 2017, CiCi played with Hi-Tac EcoGrip to achieve her highest WTA ranking of No.35 in the world. At the end of 2017, CiCi won the WTA Newcomer of the Year award for her rankings achievement and her solid performance across all surfaces.

Excellent tennis players in Europe also love playing with EcoGrip. Silvia Zappa, 25, a very competitive player for Tennis Club Alta Branza in Northern Italy recently switched to EcoGrip for environmental and sustainability reasons. 

“I personally use 72-120 grips a year,” said Silvia. “Think about all the overgrips pro and amateur players use all over the world in a tennis season. It’s a serious problem! Millions of non-biodegradable tennis grips every single week are thrown away. To solve this problem, I have found a fantastic solution! I will only use EcoGrip! For more on Silvia’s tennis journey, check out her tennis blog.

Anna Tang, 14, from Denmark is one of the many Next Gen players that are switching to EcoGrip. She is not looking back. Playing with Smooth EcoGrip for the first time, two weeks ago Anna won the Tennis Europe U14 tournament in both singles and doubles in Hillerod, Denmark. “I really like these grips,” says an ever-smiling Anna, “They play great and feel great!”

EcoGrip’s patented polymer allows the Hi-Tac, Smooth and Pro overgrips to safely decompose in the environment in just one year after removal from a racket. Almost all tennis racket overgrips thrown away each year – count more than one billion — are made of Polyurethane. PU, which is also used to make heart valves, skateboard wheels and pillow cushions, won’t fully decompose for several decades, if ever, in the environment.

As we all enjoy the US Open, let’s think about how we can make tennis more sustainable. EcoGrip is one solution that can actually improve your game. EcoGrip helps players win on and off the court. Change your grips, change the world!

For more information go to the EcoGrip/Own the Zone tennis website or contact them at info@otzsports.com. To stay up to date, follow Own the Zone on Facebook and Instagram.


  1. Love the global reach and excitement own the zone has come up with for it’s current 2018 fall advertising blast. Very much to the point,no smoke and mirrors only a straight forward approach to each product…..

  2. Well not aware how much ecogrip is good but we tried the Alienpros grips which are also created using eco friendly materials and those are really good one.


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