Small ring, big love: Kiki Bertens announces engagement

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After capping a remarkable season with a semifinal run at the WTA Finals in Singapore, world No.9 Kiki Bertens got engaged to boyfriend Remko de Rijke while enjoying a Bali getaway.

The 26-year-old shared the news on Instagram and I like it how she didn’t skip to share that the ring fits only her pinky finger. Showing off the engagement ring, the Dutch WTA star posted a photo with her fiancé, with caption:

I said yes to the love of my life. What a year!! Ring too small, but that doesn’t matter at all!! #happy #holiday.

Bertens’ fiancé is a physiotherapist, fitness coach and hitting partner in her team. He is 31 years old.

It’s so wonderful that Bertens is enjoying a splendid period both in her career and in her love life. I hope that soon we’ll share her wedding photos in my WTA Players and their Love Partners series.


  1. Wow, how sad. Not the size of the ring, but the fact that these girls are so easily prone to falling in love with either their coaches, therapist or some other member of their entourage. It’s really dumb and definitely won’t last. I’m not trying to be negative either. It’s just so obvious. I truly wonder if they’ll even end up married. These WTA’ers appear so very short sighted and supremely stupid. Masha would never fall for her damn physiotherapist.

  2. Alexis, I too can’t imagine Masha with a member of her team, but then she’s very rational and calculated, in a good sense, of course. Still, you have to accept that some players play on their emotions more and members of their team are people that surround them for the most time in their life. Many WTA players have been married to their coaches and the marriages are lasting.

  3. Alexis, why so negative when you don’t even have all your facts straight? Ever thought of the possibility that they were together long before he joined her team? I wish them all the luck in the world, and happy that they are a good team both privately as professionally!

  4. I say that there are some people who have never looked that happy for even one day in their whole lives and we never know what the future may bring. Everything doesn’t have to always ‘work out’ forever and you have to grab happiness where you can find it. So good luck to them both and may they both stay a happy as in the picture.


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