Belinda Bencic dating fitness trainer Martin Hromkovic

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Twenty-one-year-old Belinda Bencic has revealed in a recent interview with the Blick that her boyfriend is her fitness trainer Martin Hromkovic, who is fifteen years her senior.

The Swiss tennis star is of Slovak descent and Martin is from Slovakia, where they train together.

Belinda talked about her relationship with the Blick:

It came a little unexpected, but it’s an ideal situation. When I work on fitness in Slovakia, we can be together. As a tennis professional, relationships are so difficult. I do not see my best friend until half a year later. You never see another tennis player. A man waiting at home – no chance! Martin wants the best for me for my private life and sport. He often travels, I’m very grateful for his support!

Fortunately, we can separate private and professional life well. When I work, I really see him as a coach. I hope it stays that way. For him, the job is done when I’m fit. Martin was an athlete himself, a footballer. So he understands well when I’m nervous or tense.

WTA players often date members of their team. Most recently we heard that Kiki Bertens got engaged to her physiotherapist, fitness coach and hitting partner. (source: Tennis World USA)


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