Wilson and Saint Laurent unveil exclusive checkered tennis racquet design


Luxury fashion designers occasionally team up with tennis clothing companies to add a touch of haute couture to the WTA apparel scene (think Maria Sharapova’s Nike x Riccardo Tisci US Open 2017 dress, or Serena Williams’ outfits created by Virgil Abloh for this year’s Roland Garros and last year’s US Open). Tennis racquet manufacturer Wilson is now breaking new ground by partnering with French luxury fashion house Saint Laurent to combine performance and style in a new exclusive racquet and cover design.

Wilson Saint Luarent cooperation

The Saint Laurent x Wilson collaboration produced a distinctive racquet that features an elegant black-and-white checkered frame and black string. It comes with a coordinating cover, including the Saint Laurent Paris x Wilson logo on each side. Tennis balls are now also incorporated in high-end fashion — in a Twitter reply, Wilson Tennis revealed that the cost of a can of these white balls is 65 EUR.

The Saint Laurent x Wilson racket will be available exclusively at Saint Laurent Rive Droite in mid-September.


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