Glamour, sexiness, style: Maria Sharapova’s Nike US Open 2017 dress has it all!


Maria Sharapova‘s glorious fashion days will be back with a bang at the US Open! The Russian has always been a style leader among the WTA players, but in recent years the really glamorous and daring Nike looks she is known for have given way to more simple and sporty looks. Well, that is about to change this upcoming fortnight at Flushing Meadows!

Yesterday Maria posted the above sneak peek on Twitter, revealing that her US Open dress was created in cooperation with Italian designer Riccardo Tisci and confirming our assumptions that the black micro-pleated Nike Fall Maria Flex Short and their matching top that we saw in Nike’s first promo pic were not her definite clothes of choice for the glamorous Grand Slam in New York.

Today Maria revealed a stunning new little black dress that we’ll enjoy seeing her wear under the US Open lights, while I won’t be surprised if this is just her night look and that for her day matches she has yet another amazing outfit in store. Black lace insets and white dots make this standout dress even more glamorous than her famous 2006 US Open dress in which she lifted the champion’s trophy and which I featured in my 2014 article “Sharapova’s most glamorous Nike outfits ever”.

Masha also has a dotted bomber jacket to complete the perfect US Open look! This is what it means to come back to a tournament in style! Well, we knew that no one could do it better than Maria.



  1. Her dress + jacket costs 1200$ !! (500 +700) Apparently they are not just polka dots, they’re swarovski crystals. I am so glad she got a glamorous outfit like this instead of the one initially advertised 😀

  2. Maria’s done it again! She always seems to upstage every outfits she wears. She definitely deserves to have a special dress for Flushing Meadows, a place she hasn’t played since 2014. This dress is the best I’ve ever seen in my opinion and such good looks for the best superstar in tennis

  3. Since Maria is a Wild Card entry into the US Open, she could possibly play one of the top seeds in the first round. That would be an unlucky draw for that seeded player if it happens!

  4. Haters will always hate… the article is all about a dress and yet they keep bringing upher doping issue…. what a bunch of losers

  5. Sru, yes, I read that later in Vogue. They mention the same thing that I noticed: That the dress was inspired by the black dress in which Maria won the 2006 US Open. This new dress is even more stunning. I’m so happy to see Maria in supreme glamour again.

  6. @ Deschanel: Personally, I don’t like the dress – it resembles a nightie or lingerie more than a tennis dress, but that is a matter of taste. But I agree with Sabey and sorciere and cannot understand why Nike is giving her special treatment after a doping ban. And it is not about hate, more like disappointment and contempt.

  7. She hinted in Twitter that she won’t be sporting the intended kit for her but she dropped the bomb with this secret project. I love this dress so much! Chic and glamorous at the same time. She’s a tennis fashion icon no doubt about it. I read the article in Vogue and she was just too excited about this dress. She added a little bit masculine touch on the jacket. Making it loose and not the sexy fit.

  8. The 2006 dress was really classy. I love the jacket but hate the dress, think it’s more suited as a high class escort look.

  9. Claire: Hatred or contempt or whatever, the article is about a dress, not about the doping issue… Nike can do whatever they like to her because they can.. and if we cannot understand why, maybe that is why we are here talking virtually and they are up there making money… whatever it is, the article is about a dress, then comment accordingly…..

  10. She looked fantastic! Adorable dress, lace added sensitivity and Swarovski added chick. Pleasure to look at the dress , at the player and the game! Best of luck to her.

  11. I agree with Wisegal. Elegance is simplicity and in this dress there is too much of everything: lace, leather, Swarovski, dots, … In particular I cannot stand the leather details! However, the cut of the dress is very nice. Anyway, the 2006 dress was on a different level of elegance and style

  12. This outfit is ridiculous, horrendous even, especially for a tennis match, even in nyc. Way over the top. A little leather and lace, maybe, but with that sparkly jacket and skirt of the dress. Way too over done. If she’d come out wearing a sparkly jacket over her tennis dress, that’d be acceptable. . Keep the sparkles for the red carpet and off the court! I may not be able to watch …..


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