Bombshell: Pharrell Williams designs Garbine Muguruza’s Adidas dress for the 2017 US Open


When I first saw Adidas by Stella McCartney designs for the 2017 US Open, I thought that either the legend blue or the core red version of the Adidas Stella McCartney New York Dress would be the choice of two-time Grand Slam champion Garbine Muguruza, however, later it turned out that Caroline Wozniacki would wear the dress, while Andrea Petkovic would be clad in the separates from the collection, so we were left wondering what the reigning Wimbledon champion would sport at the final major of the season. Adidas’ latest tweet reveals the mystery: the world No.6 Spaniard will promote a new dress created in Adidas’ cooperation with musician Pharrell Williams! So, Stella McCartney is out of the picture, at least this time.

This exclusive New York Bra is the only product from the collection currently available at and you’re allowed to order only one item per purchase. The tennis bra’s thick double shoulder straps are there for maximum comfort, while breathable mesh inserts at the sides provide ventilation. Bold color-blocking is somehow futuristic and traditional at the same time.

It’s not the first time that Pharrell is cooperating with Adidas. This past spring he launched the Tennis Hu, his first-ever signature model that combines the clean profile of a court shoe with the proportions of a runner, while earlier this month the musician revealed his line’s second run, the “Pastel Pack”, which remixes aesthetic elements of the famous Stan Smith sneakers with those of the Tennis Hu.

UPDATE: A few hours later, Adidas tweeted more photos of Garbine in the Pharrell Williams collection.

Above we can see Garbine wearing the navy Adidas Pharrell NY Skirt and the Adidas Pharrell NY Jacket.

Below you can see the Adidas Pharrell NY Graphic Tank.

And finally the stunning Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3 Pharrell Women’s Shoes.

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  1. This is One of those moments where you think you’re going crazy by reading that a mega talented singer is making tennis clothes for one of the biggest stars in tennis! This year the boundaries of traditional clothing have been crossed and have set the bar for future designs to come. I can only see the back but even that looks beautiful for Muguruza. It doesn’t look like something she would usually wear especially the style and cut, besides that this dress and color scheme reminds me of the Fula Heritage collection in my opinion. I think anything Muguruza wears is amazing on her , but this dress will definitely set the trend.

  2. Ozzie, I’ve added more photos! 😉

    Emman Damian, Stella has been rocking this year, but this is not Stella, this is Adidas’ cooperation with Pharrell Williams and it has nothing to do with the British designer.

    Nathan C, the designs definitely have a welcome fresh twist, while it’s astonishing to see that Pharrell is acquainted with women’s tennis fashion trends, as he used colorblocks, keyhole cutout, mesh and other elements that have dominated the WTA clothes and built on them in a special way. Really amazing! OK, he must have been greatly helped by Adidas’ designers.

  3. I love everything except I hate the socks. Garbine might be tall and thin enough to pull them off but they are an insult to real women’s bodies.

  4. Roberto, it looks blue!

    Sorciere, I’d say it’s just a special collection for the USO. Similar to Y-3 we had in previous years.

    Mamiejane, I love the socks, at least in these photos, but it may be that Garbi will not actually wear them.

  5. Will Garbi debut this dress at Cincinnati? I will see tonight on the tennis channel, but am excited to be going there tomorrow to catch both the men and women at the Western and Southern Open. Keeping my fingers crossed that both Garbi and Dominic Thiem win tonight so I can see them both in person for the rest of the tournament. It would be nice to see Garbi’s dress in live action, and also see Dominic’s Adidas kit with the gold tee with the black stripe and black shorts…and the gold adidas shoes!

  6. Garbi wore the Adidas Navy blue Stella McCartney dress last night…..and correction on Thiem’s shorts; they were white with a black stripe down the sides.

  7. Beautiful dresses. Anything on Garbi looks great and she plays so smooth and glides like a dancer great to see so much class and beauty on a female champ. @mamiejane most Spanish, French and other European women are slim so in Europe it would be perfect. In the USA when someone is slim they call them too skinny or having eating disorders since been fat is the paragon in the USA.


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